Uncharted 3 can be beaten in 3.3 hour speed run, more details

According to a user who had recently attended an Uncharted 3 first play event, the game’s director Justin Richmond has disclosed some startling new details regarding Naughty Dog’s upcoming exclusive.

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cyborg2128d ago

for a moment, until I realised it was a play tester who had managed to speed run through the game. I hope it's at least 10 hours long.

Shanks2128d ago

Skyrim can be beaten in 2 hours so it's all good.

_Aarix_2127d ago

Yea if you freeze time.

lugia 40002127d ago

If skyrim can be beaten in 2 hours then UC3 can in 1 hour.

despair2127d ago

@lugia 4000

here's the proof, of course they know the game inside out.

nix2127d ago

Dark Souls can be beaten in 1.5 hours too.

Iroquois_Pliskin2127d ago

It might be true, but all of the uncharted games I played have replay value. All in the disc.

MAJ0R2127d ago

wow if one of the guys speed runned Fallout 3 in 75 minutes that means Skyrim is twice as long as FO3?

Tr10wn2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

isnt UC3 a linear game? i mean you can't go out of the main quest and explore right? lol wow seriously people can't even ask a thing on this site with out getting disagrees "Why would you ask that from my favorite game!!!??? DISAGREE!!!"

WetN00dle692127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Awesome stuff. I guess if it were a pro like a QA tester playing UC3 he would have been done with it in 2 hours as well. Seeing as how there are no secondary missions in UC3 its pretty much a straight forward title.


Yeah its a linear title.

TheTwelve2127d ago

LOL...3.3. hours is hardly a "speed run"

Blackdeath_6632127d ago

lol kinda true story line just has to be good its the gameplay that has to be long

SilentNegotiator2127d ago

Some nut beat Dark Souls in under 2 hours. I'm not worried that a playtester beat U3 is 3.

TheLastGuardian2127d ago

Beating ICO in under 2 hours for the platinum is pretty tough.

geddesmond2127d ago

And Dark Souls can be beaten in 1 and a half hours with a new character and my first playthrough of Dark Souls took me 75 hours

badz1492127d ago

3.3 hours is hardly a speed run! how can a speed run of a linear game like Uncharted 3 be longer than a RPG like Skyrim which took just over 2 hours on speed run? either the tester for Uncharted 3 is not THAT good or the tester for Skyrim is too damn good! or...maybe the tester for Uncharted 3 was enjoying the gorgeous scenery in the game and somehow forgot that he was on the ticking clock lol!

LackTrue4K2127d ago

I'm not even anywhere near completing Oblivion, it took me about 2 hours to decide on what nose I should have!

NewMonday2127d ago

random thoughts:

-some are putting to much into "time to complete the game" instead of "time spent having fun".

-many games we love are shorter than we think they are.

- if a game is good it will always be to short, if its bad even 3 hours is too long.

-not that i'm dissing, but most time spent on Skyrim will be on time consuming exploration, grinding, collecting, shuffling in the menus...(as an RPG fan I love this when done good)

-U3 is a straight out action adventure game, yet actual gameplay is not that liner, in U2 i spent many hours trying to do things differently, attack enemies straight on, or stealth kill them, or melee kill everyone..

MaxXAttaxX2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

I'm assuming he didn't hunt for any treasures/relics.
Possibly played using the "Fast Motion" and "Infinite Ammo" cheats.
And skipped all story elements.

Impossible on first playthrough.

Naughty Dog stated that it's just as long as Uncharted 2. I can see myself easily spending 13 hours or so on my first playthrough.

AntBoogy902127d ago


If you follow the main quest, i'm sure you can easily beat Skyrim. That's why they have the giant world to explore, though.. plenty of time wasting to go around!

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reynod2127d ago

Any SP game can be speed run and be butchered in a matter of hours. The question is why would you want to do that? you wont enjoy the game that way, what a waste of money.

helghast1022127d ago Show
Kakihara2127d ago

I've heard of people doing that, buying games just to speed run them from the first playthrough. Just like there are assholes who play rpgs and skip all dialogue and cutscenes on the first playthrough or buy games they don't want to play just because they're easier to get a platinum trophy on. Just because it'd be stupid and ridiculous to do, doesn't mean there isn't some guy out there doing it. Also, way to be a nice guy.

aksmashh2127d ago


I had a speedrun through COD WAW to get zombie level lol

aksmashh2127d ago


I had a speedrun through COD WAW to get the zombie level lol

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Shinro2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Well, to be able to do a speed run through the game in the first place, you must've played it tons of hours beforehand to be able to memorize how to do puzzles, know where to go, and practice practice practice, before you could simply breeze through it.

So prior to this '3.3 hours', a nornal person would've have put in a significant number of hours just practicing and learning.

NewMonday2127d ago


bubbles for an intelligent comment

RyuCloudStrife2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Hey they got me too! LOL we can all have good laughs over this because all's good :).

If it took UC3 3 hours to beat on easy, while Skyrim and Dark Souls both took only 3 hours combined to beat then this is cause for celebration!!!

NewMonday2127d ago

you can spin this into a headline:

"Uncharted 3 longer than Skyrim and Dark Souls COMBINED!"

showtimefolks2127d ago

in one and half hrs?

for most people who will play on normal and enjoy it you can have atleast 8-10hrs of single player story

andibandit2127d ago

Maybe the tester didnt use L1

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psb2128d ago

I find this hard to believe tbh, but whatever, the game's still gonna rock!


I don't believe uncharted ever has had slow-mo sequences. Yes they have sequences but I wouldn't call them slow-mo. There either running away or action sequences. I do believe slow-mo sequences could work well. Plus isn't there unlockable slow-mo and fast-mo in both uncharted games already

Ace_Pheonix2127d ago

Pretty sure that in Uncharted 2, when you're running away from Lazarevic after he kills the cameraman, there's a scene with Elena jumping over a gap and Drake catches her and it's in slow-motion.