PS3 hacked again, this time with PSN access

Before this, we read about the news of PS3 been hacked for the use of Blu-ray burned copies. Now, PSN access is unlocked.

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Droid Control2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

Why does this keep happening to Sony?

How come LIVE is never hacked?
I wish LIVE was more open, but if it means having the network hacked constantly like Sony has to contend with, I think I'd rather stay as I am.

PirateThom2244d ago

People do play hacked games on Live though, this isn't PSN being hacked, it's the console to play "back ups".

ginsunuva2244d ago

Um, the ps3 console was cracked, not the online network like Live.

Muerte24942243d ago

you took the title and just ran with it. There is no downloadable version of this at the moment. Also this it only allows access to PSN, which those who have CFW have been denied for some time. What he's failing to mention is key's are being illegally obtained and are property of Sony. Just like the first hack. Which he's opening himself up to a major lawsuit.

forcefullpower2243d ago

This is probably fake. Main consensus it that its debug machine.

Even on one site he said he has they Keys but doesnt know how to make a CFW!!! WTF. Someone that can't do that but did something none of the best devs in the scene could but he did??

JB2 dongle was found out to use debug eboots so thats why there where only a couple of games they could play.

They are just getting desperate because there has been nothing new in 6 months.

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Soldierone2244d ago

Should be "the keys HAVE been" and "There ARE no downloadable" lol

As for the news, if he allows cheaters with mods back on PSN I'll punch a rabbit....

slavish2244d ago

it will happen! the question was when! the answer is now!

itsallgud2244d ago

This is getting ridiculous. Come on Sony. Enough is enough.

NYC_Gamer2244d ago

all sony can do is patch and wait for it to be cracked again

AngelicIceDiamond2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Enough is enough, Sony is doing all they can, they can't help that someone keeps breaking through the system or at least attempting to.

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