PlayStation The Official Magazine: Dan Houser working on GTA V

October has been a quiet month for GTA V news but cheer up a little with this bit of sunshine...

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Pintheshadows2433d ago

I think we could of worked this out.

Trophywhore2433d ago

Yeah it seems obvious, but im still gad to hear it. Maybe we will see some screens soon. This generation has been missing quite a few things, GTA games being one of them.

JhawkFootball062433d ago

Feel like they should wait till next gen to release it. We've waited a long time for a new one and I would hate to have one come out only to have the next batch of consoles come out a year later and have people thinking what gta v could have been.

Kleptic2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

One full GTA game for a full generation? the console user base will be so huge by the time this comes out they would almost be forced to capitalize on that...

We're talking several years at least before new consoles come around...that leaves plenty of room for another full retail GTA V late this gen, and have another one pumping up for a year or 2 after the new consoles settle in...

Also didn't 'Agent' get canned a while ago?...I bet GTAV has been on the front burner for a while...

inveni02432d ago

I don't mind seeing a new GTA this gen. Even if they launched it with a new console, it wouldn't be optimized, and that just means that we'd be wanting the next iteration sooner than later anyway.

Crazyglues2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Man Finally, I feel like I've waited so long for them to just confirm that the game is in the works... I mean yes it's a no-brainier of course they are making another one, but -Finally!! Finally we have confirmation...

-Well it's about dame time.. LoL

Seriously can't wait for this one, I have a good feeling that this GTA is going to be Awesome, just everything Rockstar has been doing lately, Red dead the tech in L.A. Noire, I have a feeling they are going to knock this one out of the park..


sofocado2433d ago

I think they did an Awesome job with GTA IV. More then sure this one going to be awesome as well.

despair2433d ago

a lot of the times we know what games(usually sequels) are being worked on...unofficially...but its always nice to get official confirmation, though this is not exactly that either.

Pl4sm42433d ago

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ... at last .. hope he brings on his best story yet .RDR was my favorite :D

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Gameplay9992433d ago

Hey its in the hands of Dan Houser! YAY Seriously though, Rockstar Don't fock this up hmmmmm k?

Wenis2433d ago

Well this news sucks for those of us waiting for Table Tennis 2

LondonMediaOS2433d ago

I was waiting for Pong 3D guess I gotta to wait.

Shadowaste2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

It's gonna be a next gen title for sure. hopefully a launch title for the new xbox holiday 2012!!!


Halo 4 will be a Nextbox and 360 title, dual launch baby!

thrasherv32433d ago

I don't think a new xbox would release next year due to Halo 4. MS wouldn't pass up an opportunity to have Halo as a launch title.

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