Amazon Haunting Halloween Deals Features 25%-85% Video Game Discounts

"Amazon is offering between 25% and 85% off as part of their just launched Halloween deals section!

Over 61 PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, and DS games are featured.

Highlights include:"

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BiggCMan2370d ago

Fantastic deals here, shame that I have most of the games actually. But for anyone that doesn't, may as well get something. Might pick up Catherine actually, i'm surprised it's still 60 dollars new, so 45 is a good price. Heard great things about that game, and loved the demo.

solidsnake2222370d ago

I order Saw II. I already beat it and it sucked, but it was a bargain and will look good with the first game I payed full price for 2 years ago on it's release day and all of the movies. Hopefully that Chucky game won't be such a let down.

BiggCMan2370d ago

There is a Chucky game in the works... Wtf man, that franchise needs to die. The movies were never amazing really, and they only got worse after each one. The first Saw movie was fantastic though, after that they kind of plummeted.

Brownghost2370d ago

got dead island for $10 with my $20 credit

Brownghost2369d ago

The game was worth $10 and i would pay more