IT News Africa: Batman Arkham City Review

Batman Arkham City's hype made the game out to be better than what it actually is.

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FACTUAL evidence2433d ago

Holy shii an 8.5!! RUn!!!!! Duck too!!!

Chuk52433d ago

Well that's your opinion, my vocal minority friend.

knifefight2433d ago

"Batman Arkham City's hype made the game out to be better than what it actually is."

Yeah I've never* heard of commercials and advertisements claiming aaaaaanything at all was perfect.

* = until I started reading magazines, watching TV, using the internet, and listening to the radio.


Hype...LMAO there was probably zero hype surrounding this game...They brought out trailers, they showed screenshots here and there, then the game came out, websites and magazines and purchasers praised it...

Hype is what happened to Crysis 2 and RAGE.

animalia852433d ago

This guy should choke himself, and quit his job. He said "something is wrong with the controls I just don't know what". It's obvious to me that this guy sucks at the game, the controls are close to perfect. Any 8.5 is automatically suspect cuz this game is at minimum a 9

Pintheshadows2432d ago

He was operating the controller with his mouth.

It's the only logical explanation.

LockJaw2432d ago

Actually, the controls are sticky and not flowing properly. How can the game be a minimum of a 9? Every person is entitled to their opinion. Just because you liked it, doesn't mean everybody has to. It's the same as GT5 vs Forza. Either like it or you don't. Everything in the review is justified - I suggest you read it again.

Fanboi, pft!

LockJaw2432d ago

Oh, and can I point out: Destructoid - 80% and Gamekult - 80%. So there are lower scores out there. You're pulling a CliffyB...

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