Need for Speed: The Run - Challenge Series Video

EA released a new Video of Need for Speed: The Run that shows the Challenges Series.

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Quagmire2283d ago

Demo was pretty bad, and the amount of pre-order bullshit and online passes arent making the purchase of the game sound any better.

EazyC2283d ago

Yeah, the demo was very iffy. I hated how if you went off road the car was reset, and the car flashes from invisible to visible for 5 seconds, like those old racing arcade games. And the crashes are lame =(

Also, I would debate that Hot Pursuit looks nicer!

Boody-Bandit2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Hot Pursuit does look better. This game has a ton of video tearing, weak textures, dated graphics and gameplay in general. I tried it on my wheel and of course it ran like ass because it's not designed for a wheel at all. It didn't play much better on a controller.

This whole game feels very last generation. Every aspect about it just seems extremely dated, been there and done that arcade racer. As it is in it's current form, I wouldn't even rent this title.

Redempteur2283d ago

hot pursuit has a better use of colors . The run has very nice effets thanks to the frostbite engine but car models of the run are bad and the handling is a mess
The run feels like a undercover 2

nix2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

i'll be skipping this even though i like NFS franchise. Most Wanted (PS2) was probably the best.

i picked up the new Hot Pursuit after a year (of hesitation). i still haven't completed it. the game feels so hollow... no soul.

Redempteur2283d ago

Most wanted is at the top of the nfs games next to theoriginal hot pursuit

But the last hot pursuit was anything but hollow . It had one of the best cars chase against cops . its anything but hollow

RedDeadLB2283d ago

The MW Vinyl doesn't suit the new M3. I'll get this game, only for my fetish - old muscle cars.

EazyC2283d ago

I'd rather have a proper "Hot Pursuit 2" remake, as in, just like HP2 for PS2,Xbox and PC.

Last years HP wasn't enough like the old games, which had more realistic handling, and you actually arrested people, not murdering them by smashing them into an oncoming truck.