Kinect: A year gathering dust

Our experience of Kinect over the past year has been full of frustration and disappointment. A lack of games, the mediocre ones that have hit shelves and the vital need for space keep holding it back.

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No proper hardcore game for it yet. The casuals will be all over Dance central 2, Kinectimals with Bears, Disneyland Adventures, Kinect Sports 2 and Sesame Street so it gathering dust depends on who you are.

As for the future i can only see Ryse and Project Draco doing well. Starwars looks like a mess but they delayed it so they can improve on it which is a good idea. Diabolical pitch, Steel Battallion don't look that interesting and Fable is on rails.

FlashXIII2405d ago

I think most casuals have moved along and probably have no idea about any of them games mentioned. Time will tell I guess.

Shadonic2405d ago

if they can afford a kinect they can afford a TV and if they have cable then they will see the countless amounts of commercials marketing it.

potedude2405d ago

I only have a move but I can say the same thing about mine, it just sits there and gathers dust. In fact I unplugged the camera as the blue light always made me think people were watching me on some screen in the great beyond.

I have heard good things about KZ3 and move, but haven't yet bought the game. The only game I liked was similar to Jenga but you build upwards, that game really showed how good the tech on move was.

But I have to say I still think move is better than kinect...

Karum2405d ago

That game you're talking about is called Tumble and it is really cool and shows off what Move can do.

It also happened to give me quite a lot of fun for a while too!

As to your comment about Move being better than Kinect....I think Move is more versatile. For instance you can do everything in a game like KZ3 or Socom or R3 with it. You can play a core game well using only those controllers whereas Kinect simply can't.

They've taken a move in the right direction with incorporating it into the new Ghost Recon game, the implementation there looks really really good indeed but for me there needs to be more of those kinds of games that use the tech well and have it properly integrated.

I'm just not sure how much is possible with it though. With that said I'd love to be proved wrong. I am after all a gamer and all I care about at the end of the day is being entertained by my favourite hobby.

Shadonic2405d ago

kinect can do those things it just hasn't found a way the move has just played it safe and took a controller most people are familiar with the Wii and just added in support on hardcore games there is still deferentially potential for hardcore games with kinect and as i see it move is what has been gathering dust i check on the top gaming sites through the day and after a year of doing so there's more articles and previews on kinect games and move has almost disappeared.

Karum2404d ago

"kinect can do those things it just hasn't found a way the move has".

Have you ever considered why it hasn't found a way? I have, my conclusion is that it simply isn't possible unless they incorporate a controller in there.

You can say Sony played it safe, I'd say they took a good idea and perfected it.

I agree Move has been gathering dust for a bit, hell I know mine has and it's because there haven't been a multitude of games that compel me to play with it. There have been a few, just not many.

With Kinect though there are 0 games that compel me to play with it. More articles and previews really means nothing to me whatsoever, the issue here is a lack of multiple compelling core games for either controller, even if Move does have a serious advantage in having core games made with it as a viable control scheme.

badz1492405d ago

KZ3 is like a game made for MOVE! the implementation is flawless!

Knushwood Butt2404d ago

Killzone 3 with Move is superb.

Resistance 3 with Move is nowhere near as good.

NYC_Gamer2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

it's only good for casual family gaming.

Animal Mutha 762404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Not so.

I don't care for casual kinect at all but I use it for:

Last fm - voice control handy when I'm in kitchen. Granted a bit casual.

Forza 4 - head tracking is ace if set up carefully. Voice control on menus also cool. Forza is hardcore.

Also new dash to use it

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