The Gaming Industry's Last Cry for Help

GP blogger, Paganostaghetti writes, "Remember the days when you would save your money just to go down to your local movie rental store and rent a movie? You didn’t know if it was going to be good, so you thought you’d try it out? You can’t really do that anymore, but that’s by choice. Video rental stores are going out of business because people are choosing not to rent their movies.

In fact, you don’t even temporarily own them; you download them and put them on your computer to watch whenever you please. TV shows aren’t even safe anymore because people PVR them, or once again, download them. There was one medium people thought would always be safe (other than books, as apocalypse movies have shown, libraries will exist until the end of time and beyond), and that was video games.

With all the debate going on around online passes, there seems to be a lot more people pushing against them, than for them. Now with both sides taken into account, I believe the online pass is a good thing and not the end of video games as we know it. Here’s why."

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Ulf2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Absolutely no reason GameStop shouldn't simply include an online pass voucher with their used sales.

It probably only costs them half the retail value to begin with, and they are totally raking in used profit margins, so they can easily afford to do it.

clearelite2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

Title is BS as it implies the gaming industry needs help, which is false. It is one of the more lucrative industries right now, so attention should be paid to that fact. GS has been ripping gamers and devs off long enough. Perhaps it's time they pay their fair share.

Dogswithguns2460d ago

GameStop can go to hell as far as Im concern..they are here to make money off our games not making games for us to play..

sonicsidewinder2460d ago

This practice is NOT justifiable. No way in hell.

You make remarks like:

"If you rent it, the company that made it gets little to nothing for that rental."

And what? It's a rental. I'm not paying full price. If they feel cheated, they don't have to put their game up for rental. It's their friggin choice.

You then go on to say:

"This might seem like a waste of money, but a lot of developers also throw in free DLC with the online pass, like Mass Effect 2 did, and thus make it worthwhile for you to just buy the game new."

No, bro. It's not 'Free DLC'. Think of it as original game material that's been branded as 'free' just add a little justification to the issue under discussion. In effect, it's taking away gameplay from the folks who buy pre-owned. So they gotta buy a code for original content and THEN they gotta buy the other DLC that costs for all of us. You have to be a fool to lap it up.

And THEN!:

"While that may be the case, the point the developers are trying to make is that they need to make money."

Well fuck me. It must be okay then. Pack up guys! This case is closed.


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