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Nick from Digitally Downloaded writes: "I’d highly recommend this game to anyone who liked Left 4 Dead but has gotten tired of the zombie fad. It’s a good shooter and a high-tension time full of fun and satisfaction. But I’d only recommend it if you have friends to play with, as the online and bot components are a bit hit-and-miss."

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ABizzel12401d ago

Honestly it's a good game, but it's definitely not Left 4 Dead. This was a practice run, now they need to bring out a part two, and make it an overall better experience, in other words make it play more like Left 4 Dead, but keep it's unique concept.

BattleAxe2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

Agreed, and they should also come out with a better server browser. Its to frickin hard to join a game for pete's sake. Very enjoyable game though.

ShabbaRanks2401d ago

Seriously this game is really good. Overkill difficulty is a real challenge, so if you’re going to try it be sure to have some friends that will buy it with you. Because you need real people on you’re team otherwise its suicide lol. The AI isn’t bad, they actually saved me a few times, but they won’t complete any objectives for you.

For 20bucks this is a must buy for anyone who loves coop experiences. And ya there’s only six heists but its always different each time you retry and there’s a shit load of unlocks so for 20 $ you get a lot of replay value.

But of course Uncharted3 and BF3 are coming out soon not the mention SaintsRowTheThird and Halo anniversary so its all depending on you’re wallet size 0_0 lol … Ya and Skyrim XD