Analysis of Ghost's Return in Modern Warfare 3 (Proofs)

Update: Here's a list of proofs leading credence to the return of Simon "Ghost" Riley on Modern Warfare 3. Included on the list are several screenshots and a 2009 interview with Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling confirming "he's exactly not dead".

For those who have other insights and suggestion, show it in your comments below.

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aznrunner18812284d ago

He must be related to that chick in Cowboys and Aliens.

StraightPath2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

didn't he get shot and brunt ? wow if he returns this will be stupid lol but will be a nice twist i guess this could be interesting

aznrunner18812284d ago

Yeah she got thrown in a fire lmao

badz1492284d ago

they can just put anyone in there wearing the exact helmet and call him Ghost! it's not like he was born and the parents gave him the name "Ghost"! it's a fvcking code name!

SOD_Delta2284d ago

He's dead...who cares. Anyone up for some BBQ?

The Iron Sheik2284d ago

So getting shot with a 44 magnum at point blank range and burnt = not exactly dead?. Is Ghost Wolverine?

Chnswdchldrn2284d ago

its a vidya game, a Michael bay vidya game at that.

also in the comics Ghost was made to be a very resilient soldier surviving against all odds, so idk maybe he was just playin dead for the bullet and extinguished the flames somehow after shepard and pals left

but then again you gotta realize the story of COD isnt exactly suppose to be good or make sense

Anti-Fanboyer2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Why do people care so much about this guy? You barely even got to know him in MW2. If he didn't have that skull face paint, nobody would have given a shit.

Besides, leaked footage have shown that this man.

Is Sgt. Wallcroft, just another new character voiced by the same actor who voiced Ghost. Unless Ghost has a twin brother with the same voice, he is dead. Get over it.

cpayne932284d ago

People say that ghost is Gaz from the first game, though he got shot in the face also. They are the same voice actor, and you figure the name ghost means he's back from the dead. Or something like that.

linaavec2284d ago

Perhaps he'll return, but the man inside the suit won't be Riley anymore..

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