Diablo III Headed To Consoles?

Destructoid writes: As soon as I found out that I'd be talking to a couple of the guys from Diablo III at BlizzCon this year, I was determined to find out whether or not the highly-anticipated RPG would, in fact, ever make it to consoles, as previous rumors have suggested. Fortunately, my question answered itself when I learned I'd be interviewing Josh Mosquiera, the game's Lead Console Designer.

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potedude2465d ago

Please please please, Diablo 3 on console would be insane!

Getowned2464d ago

XD might be cool.Im a 50/50 PC and PS3 gamer this dosen't bug me at all more options to play the game where ever I want on any system I want.I hope it dose come out on consoles so more people get a chance to play Diablo awesomeness 3.they should bring more top end PC games to the console market even if they wait for next gen to do that so as long as they don't ruin any thing for the PC gamer or console gamer.

potedude2464d ago

My laptop is a bit stodgy and I have a mortgage so cant really justify buying another better one.

PS3 is a bit easier as it means I can just pop it in and play, not the cutting edge graphics that the PC lovers go on about but its the gameplay for me that makes it, not graphics. If it comes good then its all good...

NYC_Gamer2464d ago

long as blizzard can push each platform to their limit it's fine

thor2464d ago

They won't lol. Have you seen D3 graphics? They are pretty terrible by today's standards.

BiggCMan2464d ago

I don't think they are terrible, just not like Battlefield 3 standards or anything. I think they look very nice though for an MMO of it's magnitude. It's gonna be a massive game in so many ways, I think they did good with the graphics.

Raf1k12464d ago

Blizzard's games have never been about pushing graphical limits.

NeoTribe2464d ago

Blizzard games are not graphically demanding. They try and keep the requirments as low as possible so everyone can play. Consoles would have no problem playing diablo3.

DEADEND2464d ago

I thought this was already confirmed.

bozebo2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

Good thing I wasn't gonna buy D3 anyway. (don't want another penny of mine ever going towards Activision who "merged" with Blizzard)

Though I can't see why diablo would have to be different so it could be multiplat... I can imagine that they would somehow break the PC version because they have essentially already secured a consumer base on PC simply by being 'Blizzard' (Activision now, remember). They don't have to prove themselves like DICE did after that buggy BC2 console port thing.

adorie2464d ago

i'll get it on PC. i have consoles for other reasons than PC ports.

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