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Akira Yamaoka, Grasshopper Manufacure’s New CCO, On Future Projects

Akira Yamaoka​ is doing more than handling music, the former Team Silent producer is now the Chief Creative Officer at Grasshopper Manufacture. He finished work on Rebuild of Evangelion: 3nd Impact (read more about that here!), a music game with the Evangelion license for PSP, and now he is managing all of the future projects from the "video game band". (Akira Yamaoka, Black Knight Sword, Grasshopper Manufacture, Lollipop Chainsaw, PS3, Xbox 360)

AriesSiren  +   1157d ago
Akira Yamaoka is the BEST composer in gaming to date. He is a true asset to the industry and I cannot wait for Lollipop Chainsaw and teh SH HD collection. His shadow of the damned soundtrack was perfection.

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