Conan O’Brien Thinks Batman’s Getting Too Old for This Shit

Batman is Batman, he's not like the Patterson family in For Better or For Worse in which everyone ages real-time. He was created more than 70 years ago and, as this Conan O'Brien sketch from Thursday imagines, he'd be a lot less badass if Batman: Arkham City didn't lie about his age.

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Nitrowolf22464d ago


also reading those comments on the site. I like the Batman Beyond Costume and can't help but think how bada$$ it would be to have a batman: beyond game maybe. IDK where they would go next after Arkham City unless of course everything isn't as it seems.

Pikajew2464d ago

Batman has successors to replace him

Oldman1002464d ago

That was so unfunny it was funny.

ACBAA2464d ago

he is too old for television.

e-p-ayeaH2463d ago

That vid needs more adam west.

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