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Submitted by lifesanrpg 1568d ago | news

Battlefield 3 Screenshot Compares Xbox 360 HD and Non-HD Texture Packs Graphics to PC

See the big difference between Battlefield 3 without the installed texture pack on Xbox 360 (Battlefield 3, PC, Xbox 360)

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Chuk5  +   1568d ago
"Actually, with the HD texture pack installed, the Xbox 360 stands up quite well to the the PC version. The non-HD version on the other hand, well, let's just hope everyone can install it."

qwertyz   1568d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
gamingdroid  +   1568d ago
Well, the alternative on other platforms is if you can't install it the result is NOT BEING ABLE TO PLAY IT AT ALL!

That said, I think it is glaringly obvious that a new console generation is long over due. Looking forward to seeing the Wii U.
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Urrakia34  +   1568d ago
Wii U? -______-
torchic  +   1568d ago
yeah really dude? Wii U? really?
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1568d ago
Yeah but other platforms allow 3rd party hardware and most people have huge amounts of space available.

I'm not one of them though and if I want this on ps3 I will need to delete some game datas.
MrBeatdown  +   1568d ago
Really? PS3 owners can't play PS3 games?


I'd bet anyone with a hard drive, including all those on 360, would much rather delete something they could easily redownload or re-install than play with low-res textures.
FredEffinChopin  +   1568d ago
Don't mind him, it's his game to subtly troll the PS3 whenever possible. Even though it usually isn't quite as subtle as intended.
BattleAxe  +   1567d ago
The Wii U is going to be such a non-factor when it comes out. Nobody is excited about it, and Nintendo could very go the way of SEGA in a couple years time, unless Apple or Google buys them out.
SilverBullet129  +   1567d ago
BattleAxe wrote:
"The Wii U is going to be such a non-factor when it comes out. Nobody is excited about it, and Nintendo could very go the way of SEGA in a couple years time, unless Apple or Google buys them out."

Sadly, even though they are trying to move the industry forward with new ideas, I too can see that happening if they don't release new IPs with the Wii U, I have been their fan ever since they started with the NES and I'm getting tired of playing the same old games all the time and using their consoles which aren't even on par as the rest.

On topic: Ya I'm quite surprised at the difference between all 3, I feel sorry for those 360 owners that don't have a HDD since it's nearly impossible for them to install that texture pack. :( Reasons like that though are why I miss the first Xbox console, everyone of them contained a HDD which was really amazing for a console :)
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ATi_Elite  +   1568d ago
The PC version is not set to Ultra!

The 360 is set at it's best so why not the PC?

Bad comparison.
StayStatic  +   1567d ago
Indeed, also the images are set to 630 X 342 so its hard to tell the differance.
Ch1d0r1  +   1567d ago
Didn't they say the lowest setting on PC = consoles. Well ill have to settle for the ps version, Good thing i have one of those bad ass Samsung LED tvs. Playing Wii on it even looks good.
Chuk5  +   1568d ago
I should clarify. I'm laughing at the part where he hopes people have hdds or else. I'm getting the 360 version and it does look surprisingly good with the hd texture pack.
InNomeDiDio  +   1567d ago
The Screenshots aren't that good to judge. PC and Consoles are day and night. With or without Texture Pack.
50Terabytespersec  +   1567d ago
LMAO LMFAO, what the hell is an HD pack?, this is so stupid to release something like this. I hope they aren't selling it.
First off HD pack this is redundant! HD is 720p native or higher.
Secondly if the textures aren't HD in the first place it is called a patch or update , WHICH reveals that they (developers) never finished the game in the first place and did a lousy Job the first time over with textures!!
From an engineering point of view ..THis is COmplete BS and hype.. like Blast processing or some phoney marketing gimmicks.Get it right the first time idiots!!
If your gonna get an HD update you better have a memory Slot on that 360 for more RAM cause last i checked HD means more RAM for low def 360 and it's limited HD native specs. .
Not some magical pack to update some lousy job the first time out!!!!
I call BS BS on this company!!
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Shackdaddy836  +   1568d ago
Wow. The non Hd pack doesn't even have bars on the luggage rack...

It's a good thing I have enough room on my HD :P
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DeFFeR  +   1568d ago
The guns don't have bullets either
dcortz2027  +   1568d ago
The game isn't real either. It's just a dream..
AllroundGamer  +   1568d ago
it's like a dream within a dream... :)
Plagasx  +   1567d ago

But can you go deeper?..
bratman  +   1567d ago

Related image(s)
Halochampian  +   1567d ago
and look at the guy's shirt. They decided that having two layers of clothing is TOO MUCH!!!
SilverBullet129  +   1567d ago
That is just about the first thing I noticed in that screenshot, sad that it can't even handle that much detail for a person:( Now I can see why Dice was so afriad of showing off this version all along. :(

Still the game will be fun on every console it's released on so graphics shouldn't matter THAT much to people.
NCAzrael  +   1567d ago
I'm surprised nobody has commented on the fact that this is obviously more than just an HD texture pack. There's clearly a difference in the gun models as well, so there will be higher quality models installed as well as higher resolution textures.

Still, it would be nice to see a screenshot of the PC at ultra settings to see a better representation of the difference between the two.
tehgam3r  +   1568d ago
Xbox (and ps3) looks great (for console ports) regardless. DICE you've done a great job.
XDF  +   1568d ago
WOW, looking good with the HD pack on X360.
mrkeith  +   1568d ago
Hmm i wonder what settings the PC version was set on? I got that version. Hoping that my SLI GTX 460 setup can handle this game
KiLLeRCLaM  +   1568d ago
you should be fine with everything on high.. depending on your cpu..
MerkinMax  +   1568d ago
Read this, and all your questions will be answered.

So glad I decided on 2 GTX 560ti's instead of a single GTX 580.
hiredhelp  +   1568d ago
Well i got 560 not ti version mainly cos its overclocked edition and bump up from the ti make card i bought.
However i did buy 2 so got sli i hope can run it in ultra get above 40fps.?

I thoufht played ultra in beta only to find out not actually ultra we got.
mrkeith  +   1567d ago
yeah i got the i7. Those benchmarks are for the beta which isn't the final code. Not sure if i should go by those benchmarks personally since Nvidia had to make specific drivers for it cause it was the alpha code. Im hoping it's way more optimized on the final product.
PirosThe4th  +   1568d ago
I can play on ultra with a single 560ti on the beta... so probably yes
DeFFeR  +   1568d ago
There was no "ultra" in the beta.
hiredhelp  +   1567d ago
when we say about ultra some of us in the beta we talking about the video options in the the game option's you get low medium high then ultra beleave that way round.
SilverBullet129  +   1567d ago
Yup that's the vid card I currently have in my comp and have been surprised how well every game is running so far, sadly I can't SLI since my motherboard only accepts crossfire (ATI's version). It was able to run the beta well enough though so not scared:P

Still if only my family wasn't getting CoD MW3, I would be picking this up day one for the PC, but now have to wait till next year or hopefully X-mas to get it for either PC or PS3.
Cataclism0  +   1568d ago
Stupid comparison. Why do people think cut scenes are a good place to compare? You're in a small environment barely stressing the hardware. Chances are textures and character models in cut scenes will be identical in pc ps3 and 360 with the install.

They should compare outdoor environments were you can see how the lighting, draw distance, and textures have to be scaled back when the weaker systems are most stressed.
Bolts  +   1568d ago
True. It's as if the comparison is being done by total noobs. If you're going to compare, then compare real gameplay footage.
Pjuice  +   1568d ago
right, hardly anything in the backround to make judgement on, its like a guy in a parking garage and shot real close, lets see some environment.
Kleptic  +   1567d ago
this isn't a cut scene though...this is just scripted event that happens at the end of the subway section...

it then loads a cut scene where blackhorn is in an interrogation room...

I haven't seen it confirmed if the real cut scenes are real time or just video created with in game assets...
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Kaizin514  +   1568d ago
But you could see the difference, even in the cutscenes, right? I thought the comparison was very good, the point being that you COULD tell the difference between the 3 pictures. Granted, the post shown earlier today was much better because it showed that the HD added many more things with the textures. Point being, this one wasn't entirely bad, but could have been better.
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wwm0nkey  +   1568d ago
Not a cutscene. Watch the opening gameplay videos, that all takes place in-game.
EchozProdigy  +   1567d ago
If you watch the game play of this mission there is no loading its not really a cut scene.
Oldman100  +   1568d ago
One thing that has me curious is how lens of truth are going to go about comparing the 360 and ps3 versions against each other. Since they only go by out of the box settings which means that they don't install anything unless it's mandatory. And since the texture pack on 360 isn't mandatory and is instead an optional install well, you know what that means.

I have a feeling they are going to go against their policy and install the pack, which is understandable since the game without it looks outright terrible compared to having it installed. Oh and 1000th post! (I am not proud of myself).
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ARTISAN  +   1567d ago
well they said for rage because the install was made to be used and that that was the final product i would think they would use it in the bf3 comparison
Jack--DangerousIy   1568d ago | Spam
Hazmat13  +   1568d ago
PS3 will have this too right?
2pacalypsenow  +   1568d ago
JellyJelly  +   1568d ago
Without texture pack still looks miles better than MW3.
vinniects  +   1567d ago
Let's not get crazy mw3 looks better than the non hd version. I almost thought I could read a bf3 article without someone bashing cod. Maybe I'm crazy
LightSamus  +   1568d ago
That's quite surprising. It's not even just a texture pack, it changes the modelling too. The gun for example looks pretty bad in the non installed version. I quite like this idea, it'd be pretty neat if other games used it too.
Zephol  +   1568d ago
no much difference
Chuk5  +   1568d ago
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1568d ago
the 360 version looks marvelous with the hd pack.
Gameplay999  +   1568d ago
Yes it does. I'm impressed and am now on pins and needles. My boss gave me Tuesday off YAY!
EazyC  +   1568d ago
Lol the gun on the non-HD pack looks like the graphics found on guns in Perfect Dark on N64
BX81  +   1568d ago
Not to mention the fingers looked like they've been chewed on... lol.
neoandrew  +   1568d ago
What you want to compare here on this low res screens, really, there were no smaller ? just LOL

No pc or console gamer will play this game on such ridiculous resolution as those images FAIL

So now i will grab some ps2 title shrink it and say comparing to U3 => LOOKS THE SAME , hah ha that is funny
DwightOwen  +   1568d ago
This comparison is such horseshit.

First, the author never gives details about the PC version (resolution, settings, etc.), then he posts super small screengrabs so that the differences are barely noticable.

I'm tired of comparisons which show a gimped PC version of the game in order to build up the console version. We saw enough of that shit with Crysis.

Somebody do the gaming community a favor and hack that sorry excuse for a site.
#16 (Edited 1568d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
BX81  +   1568d ago
DwightOwen  +   1568d ago
LOL, I guess I am.
lugia 4000  +   1568d ago
PC FTW, but im sure they could take a better picture like showing envioriment instead of a face
Hifist1  +   1568d ago
I'm going with PC version. It will be INSANE!
Bolts  +   1567d ago
I'm surprised that the HD texture pack isn't a DLC.
Brownghost  +   1567d ago
Impressive really thanks to the hd texture pack. These texture packs may help boost console life with better graphics
Gamerita  +   1567d ago
when the actual game comes out then you lot can find out for real how good it looks,IMHO all this comparison is useless hype.
optimus  +   1567d ago
because i don't tend to pause games to admire their textures, and blocky fingers, i'm going to go ahead and laugh at this comparison. my pc is about 7 yrs old and haven't upgraded a single thing so buying this or any game for it is out of the question. and i'm not about to buy all kinds of cards just to play 1 game or 2 that i can easily play on a console.
Shadowaste  +   1567d ago
BF3 on consoles will look great for a console game!

Stop comparing it to pc.

DICE have made it as clear as they possibly can about this, they have come out directly and said;

"The console versions of BF3 will be comparable to the PC running in the ///lowest possible settings in 1280x704"

And they have stated the consoles are SIX FULL YEARS behind where pc is, obviously, as they ARE six years old.

Stop comparing it to something six years ahead of the consoles, you only setting yourself up for disappointment.

It's like renting a ferrari and a 10,000 sq foot mansion for 10 min., then going back to your VW RAbbit and your 1 bedroom 400 sq foot apartment.

In the end you only making yourself cry more.

The PC version is a full generation, if not two, beyond the console version.

"The 'HD' Texture Pack"
Is a Gimmick, people were disappointed when they played the beta because they thought somehow dice could make their six year old console look better than all the games you have been seeing for the last six years, every console game this gen has looked worse than uncharted 2, Dice and EA came up with the "HD TEXTURE PACK" to trick you, and it is working!

Uncharted 2 is the best looking consoles game by far but is a tiny, corridor or small zone, linear, static backround, limited physics game, nothing will ever look better than that this gen, and if you add in anything more than what was in uncharted 2 like highly destructible enviroments, multiple 15-30 of enimies onscreen, its going to look much worse.

The only way you will ever see anything close to MEDIUM settings of BF3 on consoel is when new ones come out!
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yamzilla  +   1567d ago

You can tell these shots are FAKE!!

Where are all the jaggies everywhere in the 360 grabs??

Because I DL'd the ps3 and 360 beta for giggles and the games was SMOTHERED in artifacts and jaggies!

Does this Fake Textue pack magically make the console capable of 8x anti aliasing too?


Heres real pics;
#24 (Edited 1567d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Raider69  +   1567d ago
Actually the pack have an effect on the AA to at least in the 360 version im playing.Regarding the images that are comparing the 360 version to PC i can asure that the even with the pack texture install you can still get to that part of the game in the train and the image will looks the same has the one showing No HD PACK!Some textures on that sequence (fmv) like the terrorist shirt and even hall take lots of time to reload.If you make a speed run on the inicial level on the metro wend you get to that sequence with the pack install you will see the textures loading in the terrorist shirt and upper walls but the railing will be totally loaded!What i really dont understand was the reason for DICE to screw people that dont have an HDD because the Sp disc itself is 6.7GB and the total with the HD PACK and update is 8.5GB, and they are using XGD3 new média that can old that.And for people that dont know XGD3 média is still DVD DL but can handle 8.7GB.Contrary to what somepeople think XGD3 is not the same type of média than XGD2 DVD9 DL,and neither M$ reduced the security sectors to be able to stick more data on DVD9 DL , XGD3 its still DVD9DL with higher capacity but was not used until now its really a different disc type never used for comercial purposes
#24.1 (Edited 1567d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
girlwithturn  +   1567d ago
God, where is ps3? Again this 360-propaganda.
tubers  +   1567d ago
Im gonna get either the PS3 or PC version, depending on w/c sale comes first.

Only to play SP (not good with MPs).

Hopefully I can run the PC in Ultra @ 720p on PC (I have a 720p 42 Plasma). :)

Beyond 1280x720p, I find objects, textures and overall artstyle much compelling than anything higher res (in my 720p TV). Much smoother as well. (Let's face it not everyone has an i5 and x2 GTX 560 Ti-s)
Jafooli  +   1567d ago
Wow, look at the sub surface scattered red fingers and tessellated faced. PC is next level!
DjJaneiro  +   1567d ago
hmm i guess really the only thing that one should opt for pc is for that 64 player count
swishersweets20031  +   1567d ago
who cares the games good.
NnT3291  +   1567d ago
omg the non hd looks terrible, good thing I have so much space left

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