Pach-Attack! - Steam Sales & Diablo Auctions

Are Steam mega-sales profitable? What does Diablo III's new marketing system mean for future game economies? All this and more in this episode of the Attack.

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dangert122408d ago

Of course steam's mega sales are profitable.
Since I've got into pc gaming I've noticed the mega discounted stuff is not brand probs would not of sold with out them.
for example i love GTA 3 its the best IMO
but i never thought to look for it on steam i knew iv was on steam but hate it. so by doing the GTA bundle they made a profit off me they never would of had no matter the alot of these games have sold well already and ran a profit before the sales

Saladfax2408d ago

Especially when you consider how many games see sales boosts and revitalization far after their original release.

One of the things Gabe Newell mentioned in interview a couple years back was the first 1/2 off sale of L4D they had. He said the sale generated more profit than release week did.

NYC_Gamer2408d ago

the mega sales help many indie devs/major publishers get their games sold

ForROME2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Activision is screwing games\industry up - they are creating this huge nickel and dime system and trying to promote other companies to follow, as if they don't make enough money already

Bobby you should be removed from the helm