Battlefield 3 - 3 Days Left: Singleplayer Campaign (Countdown Series)

Gamerspawn Writes: 'It's only three days left till the release of EA's next blockbuster game Battlefield 3! In this episode of GamerSpawn's exclusive countdown series, we talk about the singleplayer campaign."

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ArchangelMike2459d ago

For us Europeans, we still have to wait another week. AAArrrrgrgrhhrrghrhrhrhrrhrhrh rrggggghgggg.....

Crazyglues2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

oh that sucks for you, because come Oct 25 I'm going to be all over this baby, killing like an insane person... LoL

I'll probably finish that single player campaign in that first week and then move on to multi-player -and by then I will have become lost to the world...because any free time is going to be going to playing BF3

I am going to play this game day and night until I rank up to 145...

-So all other games will be taking a back seat until I come out of my comma which will probably be between late December and early Jan 2012 Depending on how good this game turns out to be..

3 Days Left and I can't wait... -This is going to be one hell of a gaming year..

-So many Games, So little time...


ArchangelMike2458d ago

Aww man, yes I am jealous :0(
Keep all the multiplayer footaqe coming through aye :0)