Is Sony exploring different pricing models for Vita games in their latest survey

t seems as though Sony is wanting to hear what their core audience is willing to pay for games. They just sent out a survey to PlayStation Network users. A friend of ours just sent us some of the questions that were included on this new survey. Some of the questions seem to imply that Sony may be wanting to lure gamers to purchase digital downloads, with some incentives.

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Malice-Flare2337d ago

it's the nature of the tech business. Sony's problem is in following through, and the fact that after Kutaragi, they still don't have a solid idea on where they're going nor any idea on what direction to take...

at least, they're trying...

cee7732337d ago

are you serious Kutaragi's the one that made a system with 256mb/256mb system ram/video ram and told the developers to make it work by the looks of the vita they are doing better without him so no they are succeeding

Bull5hifT2337d ago

They should match amazon prices or at least $5 above of what they offer on there and digital version should be $5-$10 less than store value, cause you have to buy your own memory stick and cant resell the digital version i just hate when games are like still $50-$60 1 year after there release

BattleAxe2337d ago

A $40 - $45 price point would be good for new games. $20 price point for Greatest Hits titles.

Kurisu2337d ago

I like the option where if you buy from retail then you get credit on the store.

XDF2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

I don't know but anything above $20 seems kind of high these days for games on the go when ipad and smartphone games are so cheap these days.

With the current failure of the 3DS, I am kind of worry about the Vita if Sony screws up on their pricing and strategy for the release.

dredgewalker2337d ago

There is a reason why Ipad and smartphone games are doesn't take a genius to figure out why.

f7897902337d ago

If $20 seems to high, why don't you go back to Doodle Jump and Angry birds while I play Uncharted.

XDF2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

You never know, Uncharted might be coming to the iphone or ipad in the near future.

NEWS: "Sony Plans to Bring PlayStation Games to Non-Sony Devices"

dredgewalker2337d ago

In watered down versions no doubt. You really have no idea what you are talking about.

CloseSecond2337d ago

Nothing Sony has done to date suggests they know how to price PSN store content correctly. Look at the colossal f**k up they made with the Go. Not all games were released on the store and those that were were always more expensive than buying them on physical media. Then games sit on the store and stay the same price years after they were made available.

Mind you, these are all traits of a lack of competition. Imagine if you could buy redeem codes for games from amazon or other on-line retailers. How might that prompt for on-line pricing wars for DLC?

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