Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (ALL) Reveals System Specs, PC Features

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will feature a multitude of mission-based like Modern Warfare 2 as well as survival Special Ops modes where players will have to keep fighting until they get overrun by increasingly tougher waves of enemies as you progress.

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Pandamobile2436d ago

Wow, so I have to use the crappy P2P system if I want to rank up at all?

God damn it IW...

GrumpyVeteran2436d ago

Agreed. A half-measure isn't good enough.

LackTrue4K2436d ago

lol....thats a joke right??? this tells me its something that ELITE is taking away from the other players that don't have ELITE?!

GraveLord2436d ago

Nope. Elite doesn't take away anything. All it does is add stuff.(even if you don't pay the monthly optional subscription)

GraveLord2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Is this your new account? I could've sworn you had like 1 or 2 bubbles before...........

Pandamobile2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Yeah, this account from 2009 with 7000+ comments is totally my new account.

I don't think I've ever had less than 5 bubbles.

Shadowaste2436d ago

but, and I do agree that is lame for rank-ups, the non ranked server can have any unlocks available, or limit the really cheese ones as well, so you dont get a bunch of sprinting, knife-weilding, noob-tubers bunnyhoping around like a bunch of 360 gamers(yeah, i said it)

Call of duty has been like this with servers for a while as far as requesting that people not use certain classes/guns/perks, now they can force it!!

I see both positives and negitives to this.

DeadManMcCarthy2436d ago

haha wow how hard is it to keep it how it was in cod4? these morons at IW i tell you they never give what the fans want. whats the point of making a game if you dont listen to the fans.

cod4 is still going strong im happy to keep playing that instead.

Pandamobile2436d ago

If they went back to the COD4 feature list I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Cosmit2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I doubt it. I think that's why people are complaining right? Because its the same re-hashed garbage?

Me, only judging from the Modern Warfare part of CoD, is not re-hashed. CoD4 to MW2 was enough for it to be a sequel or "Improvement" Wether it was for better or for worse was each persons opinion. Now we just have to wait how well they balanced MW3.

Either way, CoD4 for me was the better game. Even though I played MW2 way more.

Honestly, I'm excited for MW3. MW2 was a fun game. But of course I eventually got put off by the crazy Danger Close feast. OR maybe the time that went towards it.

Pandamobile2436d ago

I don't mean rehash the game, but go back to the design principles they had back in 2007.

COD4 was an amazing game. There was no stupid gimmicks, there was still a good focus on PC specific features like dedicated servers with tons of customizability, more graphics options than in MW2 or BLOPS, extra features like leaning, etc.

MW2 was 10 steps in the wrong direction.
BLOPs was about 5 steps forward from MW2, but still lacked quite a bit.

I still attribute Call of Duty's fall from greatness to the disappearance of Grant Collier.

This guy disappeared from IW sometime between COD4 and MW2, and then we were left with a P2P networking system, "It's got features like mouse support", and "It's not balanced for lean"

NuclearDuke2436d ago

There was overpowered Perks. Wether you remember it or not, Killstreaks were massively good due to the large number of players in each map.

Map design wasn't fitted for the amount of players allowed. You either got a wasteland or a shopping mall of players.

There is a reason the game is modded to hell today. You will hardly find any vanilla servers as they just aren't considered good, anymore.

y0haN2436d ago

Grant Collier retired from the industry, I believe.

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Si-Fly2436d ago

Nothing about support for triple monitor resolutions, hoping they've added these for this one...

Oschino19072436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Well they have support for color blind players so they can read their HUDs better. Pretty sure more color blind players then those with triple monitors...

Sorry its not just you but can't stand when the minority complains about this or that when overall the majority is taken care of. Maybe if sales for PC were higher and most pc player had triple monitors but as of now why cater to what could be just dozens of players who want a truly optional feature.

Again not just you as other actually go on rants but this is easily prob one of the least requested and uneeded features out there.

Si-Fly2436d ago

Don't think there was any moaning from me in my post, in fact it was upbeat as I said I hoped it was included! I'll settle for over 100fps with gtx580s on a single screen, would just be a nice bonus to have native triple support...

You sure sound like a "glass half empty kind of guy", maybe you shouldn't worry yourself so much about others requests and leave out your 'rants about rants' ;)

KiLLeRCLaM2436d ago

18 Players ONLY on PC?? lool how small are these maps? I will buy MW3 for sure but common! That"s just a little sad. Why do they lock the FPS? I have 3 GTX 580's I wanna unleash the power of these babies! Hope there some command on the console to unlock it..