Battlefield 3 HD Textures Mandatory On Consoles

Since a lot of people are getting the game early either through Gamestop employees or some other way. People have been playing the campaign quite a bit. After the people at got a comparison of the campaign between the HD Textures on and off. insist that before you read the article that downloading the textures will be 100% mandatory for have a good time playing this game after all the great graphics hype.

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littlemac2405d ago

I dont like that is looks so bad

Pandamobile2405d ago

That's why you use the texture pack.

alexmac2405d ago

A lot, and I mean a lot! Of people have arcade and not enough room in their HDD's!

Pandamobile2405d ago

Well, that's too bad for them. If they're only willing to buy a 4 GB console, they're going to have to face the realities that come with having a very small amount of harddrive space.

littlemac2405d ago

Why did you report it, twice?

thedarkvault2405d ago

2gb usb sticks are like $4-5.

inveni02405d ago

All that talk about DVD9 being plenty is finally coming back to bite Microsoft in the ass. Now, it's clear that both Bluray and a nonproprietary HDD are handy for a top-tier experience.

Morbius4202405d ago

inveno Microsoft was right using DVD to keep costs down. It's only a problem now because this gen has been going too long.

bozebo2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

TBH, if I was getting the 360 version I would probably opt out of the HD texture pack to see if the frame rates were more stable. Can't remember the last console FPS I played and didn't experience fps dips and/or stuttering because they are trying to render something that the hardware can't actually achieve stably (probably something from last gen like timesplitters).

I'm all for lower graphics if the game runs smoother. Bioshock had an option along those lines if I remember correctly but the FPS still struggled anyway.

TheMailman2404d ago


It seems you have to play KZ2 and K3 to experiment what is a true next shooter..

MasterCornholio2404d ago

I agree with panda. That's the price they pay for not shelling out for a 360 with a larger harddrive. Great that those who have can improve their experience with the game.


DrakesOnAPlane2404d ago

Arcade 360 users get left out, but I don't blame them. Any fool that buys a 4GB console should know better expecting it to carry dozens of game's data is stupid.

AngryTypingGuy2404d ago

Agreed. I applaud DICE for doing this instead of dumbing the game down for people with lack of space. Any true hardcore gamer is going to make sure that they have plenty of HDD space anyway. It would be stupid to punish the rest of us by not putting out the best product possible.

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ThichQuangDuck2405d ago

I have a 20 gig and the point where it is that big of a difference that I have to download it is a little ridiculous but it lies with Microsoft fault of starting a console with small hard drives and no hd dvd or blu ray built in

lategamer2405d ago

if you have a flashdrive, you can just use that

f7897902404d ago

Sure you can use a flash drive but it's going to be SLOWER by a huge margin. It's ok for arcade titles but it's not something you want to have on a game loading a ton of things.

xPhearR3dx2404d ago


Not true. I have a 16GB flash drive and when I configure it, it even says it doesn't meet performance requirements and I still install retail games on it, and it works just fine. In fact, I have Dark Souls on it and the game runs just the same as if it was installed on my HDD.

Kleptic2404d ago

have you guys seen it confirmed that the texture pack can be installed on a flash drive...and not just an HDD?...

I'd be really surprised if it allowed that...but i'm not familiar with the bandwidth of the drives on the 360...

to my knowledge you can't do this on PS3...or at least couldn't on other games with partial installation data...but they are different systems...

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iPad2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Holy SH*T! At first, I wasn't expecting such a big difference, but Jesus Christ! It's pretty much a mini-generation leap.

frostypants2404d ago

Yeah...all those people who whined about how bad the BETA looked are chowing down on a big plate of of crow about now...

aviator1892405d ago

Dang, I didn't know the textures looked that out of shape without the hd texture pack. I do feel bad for those that won't have enough space on their hdd.

RioKing2405d ago

I feel bad for those without a gaming pc. You know, because that's the only way to play BF3 ;)

EazyC2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Thank god for that extra post you made... This was a nasty comment but I had to edit it.

RioKing2404d ago

Haha yeah I don't even have a pc that I use for games (my dell's 7 years old), but it was only a matter of time before someone here made that comment in a serious manner. So I just wanted to break the ice as a friendly joke.

LackTrue4K2405d ago

lol....they are bad! the cell phone looks like a touch screen phone?! jaja....and if i was an xbox owner with 4gb, i would be looking for a hard-drive....

_Aarix_2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

You can get a 250gb for $50 online

DjJaneiro2404d ago

well the reason xbox owners may have gotten the 4g is to save money. perhaps they felt they wouldnt need that much gb

torchic2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

ladies and gentlemen, please allow a moment of silence as we commemorate those with 360 Arcade's or those who don't have 2GB to spare on their 360's or PS3's...

Morbius4202405d ago

I don't feel sorry for them at all. If they're too cheap to buy a different SKU, a HDD then that's their problem. If they won't even pony-up the cash to buy a flash drive than they're too stupid to play Battlefield in the first place.

frostypants2404d ago

DICE *could* have just made it a "hard drive required" title. I think they did non-hard drive owners a favor. As for the fact that it doesn't look so great off the disc, you can't blame the developer for the hardware limitation.

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Chuk52405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

I mean them's the breaks at the end of the day. The 360 has been out for 6 years. Most of the people, planing to get BF3 more than likely have some kind of HDD. I mean you can still play it. People still played bayonetta and the orange box on ps3 on those ports were bad but the games were still fun.

This article is poorly written.

alexmac2405d ago

There is no evidence of a poorly written article since there are plenty of people with no hard drive space. And not to mention the fact that the version with the HD textures is really nice yet the 'standard definition' has things missing, blurriness, ect.

badjournalism2405d ago

'no evidence of a poorly written article"

Just the grammar and spelling errors in every other sentence, missing punctuation, etc. Nope. No evidence there to say "This author needs to learn basic proofing skills or get an editor."

aviator1892405d ago

That 360 shot with no HD pack makes me sad. :(

MasterCornholio2404d ago

Omg look at the ladder it's missing steps. LOL

Thank dice for the option to download the high resolution texture pack.


Mc Fadge2405d ago

Wait, what? But that screen shots show different models (gun, ladder on left)... I thought it was just textures?

Shackdaddy8362405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

The rack could be a type of texture.

rajman2405d ago

Wasnt that impressed with the single player campaign, finished in one sitting and its the shortest FPS campaign I've played this year...but luckily theres the awesome multiplayer to look forward to when the servers go up

Gran Touring2405d ago

when are you posting up your footage on yt?

Morbius4202405d ago

Maybe the SP is just training for the MP.

Muffins12232405d ago


JellyJelly2404d ago

There's plenty other FPS games out there that offer richer single player campaigns than BF or COD. There's few FPS games out there that can match BF's multiplayer and that is and has always been it's main selling point.

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