GTA III: 10 years, 10 memories, 10 GameSpotters

What happens when you put 10 GameSpot editors in a room to play Grand Theft Auto III? The shocking answer is below and it isn't pretty!

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Adrieono2464d ago

I remember all this like it was yesterday, what I wouldn't give for the HD version of this and the others for the current consoles.

silvacrest2464d ago

rockstar must no they would make a killing for relatively little work

Bull5hifT2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

I was playing yesterday and put the Pedestrian Riot Cheat and pedestrian have Weapons and Pedestrians attack You and Foggy Weather and see how long i can last out in the world , somewhere around 30 seconds..... I was cracking up when 10 pedestrians were pulling an old lady out of her car and beating the crap out of her , no one could help her Haa ha, and something else happened it was Crazy Fun this dude asked this lady "Why you feeling So Down" then he Round house kicked her to the floor

Solidus187-SCMilk2464d ago

ahah hI think I remember that cheat. Couldnt you not turn it off unless yuo loaded your save.

I remember making them riot and when I was driving down the road they would just run into the street to start fighting each other and I would run them over.

I also had alot of fun with that cheat that made your car jump into the air.

ShabbaRanks2464d ago

If R* really want to give something to make the fans happy its an HD remake of San Andreas

Croash2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

*Cousin leaves the room but leaves the game running*
Le taking over of le computer.
*Shoots a hooker in the head with a sniper and laughs at the fountain of blood*
My mother was behind me. Shocked expression ON.

I think I was 9 years old at the time (Summer 2002).
That's the first real memory I have of the game.I still remember, however, that my (second) cousin had bought the game right after its release and had installed it on my old Windows 98. He was annoyed by the choppy frame rate :D

Oddly enough, yesterday was the first time after 9 years that I got to play GTA III on a PC again (Entire collection for €10 is a sweet deal indeed). And boy was I disappointed. How the hell am I supposed to enjoy a masterpiece like that when it's censored? Like...not being able to beat someone up when they're on the ground, really? What a great way to ruin the gameplay.
Thank you Valve & Rockstar./s

And I had to delete the opening movies to even get to the game's menu because it kept crashing. It's too bad that even 10 years after, there are still issues with these games (Vice City and San Andreas didn't work properly!) :/ Meanwhile, on the PlayStation 2...

Anyway, I don't care. What matters is that I still have a lot of memories with the GTA series and nobody will ever take them away from me. It's part of my childhood, after all!

Adrieono2464d ago

How could they forget the Dodo Cheat aka Flying and Tank cheat together? You could fly around all of Liberty City!

Solidus187-SCMilk2464d ago

lol, the tank was awesome. I would aim it backwards and shoot constantly to make it go faster and ram through all the cops because cars would instantly blow up if you hit them with the tank.