The PlayStation Vita Is Set to Succeed

IGN explains why.

Colin Moriarty writes:It may not come as much of a surprise coming from one of IGN's PlayStation editors, but the excitement for the PlayStation Vita is palpable. IGN has played Sony's upcoming handheld on numerous occasions since it was revealed and have had hands-on time with a plethora of games. And while we acknowledge that Sony has stumbled quite a few times during the PSP and PS3's lifecycle, things appear to be different this time around. Sony's emphasis seems to be on all the right things, and Vita is primed to do a lot better than people are expecting it to.

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madmad2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Ok. Because most products which cost millions to develop, market and advertise and set to fail? What a stupid title.

"Vita is primed to do a lot better than people are expecting it to."

Who are these 'people'? Critics, consumers, analysts. Like a junior high-school paper, these claims are never backed with support by the writer.

"For better or for worse, Vita will be pitted against the Nintendo 3DS. But the comparison doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and even if you were to pit them against each other, Vita is still destined to sell better. That's because in addition to games (which Nintendo 3DS is still sorely lacking), it's also a much more powerful machine capable of doing a whole lot more than 3DS. "

Same could be said about PSP vs. DS.

Wow, IGN just writes crap these days. Please IGN hire real writers. Is that too much to ask?

Kamikaze1352458d ago

It seems to me that IGN only writes articles to try and gain hits rather than write well written and meaningful articles.

NegativeCreep4272458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

I certainly don't degrade the Playstation Vita based on it's currently-published strengths; the Vita certainly appears to be a very promising and competent handheld in many regards. But in the end, not to take anything away from the Vita, it seems that IGN adjusts it's "opinions" on hardware, and certainly software, based on widely accepted opinions. Based on "opinions" published in the videogaming media.

Rikitatsu2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Though I do not agree with the article, you are wrong here. This generation is different.

With the PSP, it was like a crippled PS2, 1 analogue and hardly any unique inputs, where the DS had two screens, stylus, etc... It allowed for more unique controls and thus, unique games.

The Vita and the 3DS are different... Sony realized their mistake with the PSP, and are building the Vita to have a lot of unique inputs... The touch screen is great and should help differentiate Vita games from console games.

But the most amazing tech in the Vita is the rear touch pad, it has never been attempted before, and provides a new way to control games... check Escape Plan or Dynasty Warriors NEXT to see how it was applied.

In short, PSP had:

-One analogue
-Face and directional buttons.

The Vita has:

-Two analogue
-Touch Screen
-Rear Touch pad
-Front and Rear camera

Its not even comparable, Sony is not going to make another PSP, they are aiming to provide the developers with convenient tools to create the most creative games. Just like how the DS did.

madmad2458d ago

By the authors quote that the Vita is a "much more powerful machine capable of doing a whole lot more than (3)DS", the PSP could play video,music, browse the internet, and receive downloadable games, all of which would come to the DS much later.

Of course you and I are both pulling things from a single, throwaway quote from IGN. Simply put- half the contributors at N4G could have written a better article.

jdfoster2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

In my opinion this is a very good article. And a correct one too. I think the PSVITA will succeed and exceed the psp in numbers. Maybe they could have backed some things up but haven't people like IGN wrote articles in the past comparing the two and even compared them with Iphones and who is the obvious winner of the 3? Vita! It is, like the article says, 'a powerhouse' the specs are great. No one can deny this. And as the article says this is aimed at hardcore gamers which is still a MASSIVE market! From games to software VITA is a beast! I mean call of duty on the go... Watch movies in a OLED screen... Bioshock, Uncharted plus many many more! Who wouldn't want a VITA? Their is still a HUGE market out there for the VITA and I think the vita will be a success.

Also to @Rikitatsu I totally agree the VITA isn't a psp2 it's something completely different (not comparable to the psp) and NEW so is a VITA! ( <---- GREAT video explaining this. I'm glad IGN posted this with the article! I highly recommend you should watch it!

Also let me reiterate the fact that I agree he should have backed up a few points but in short I agree the VITA will succeed!

sharpsword2458d ago

typical IGNorant writing.

jujubee882458d ago

When a writer that does journalistic work on either game platform (primarily) than writes an editorial, there is no reason to bash what they write.

You know what you are getting.

sharpsword2458d ago

Why not? it's sloppy writing as others here have noted.

If you're trying to persuade people, back up your claims with something besides your own opinion.

"people say" is a classic common belief fallacy. A professional writer show know better.

jujubee882458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

"If you're trying to persuade people, back up your claims with something besides your own opinion. "

When did he not provide evidence?

"people say" is a classic common belief fallacy. A professional writer show know better."

What the HELL is a belief fallacy? See, anyone can mush together words, it does not mean you are correct or articulate in doing so. DO NOT THROW STONES! XD

Pikajew2458d ago

Sony has to fully support it for it to succeed. I want to buy it, but if it got the same fate as the PSP I will pass.

WooHooAlex2458d ago

Just keep a good balance of Vita games and PS3 games (or PS4 games when its time) and I'll be happy.

The biggest difference this time around is the third party support.

Ddouble2458d ago

Yoshida in an interview said as soon as the PSP came out they moved all their resources to the PS3 ahead of it's release which hurt the PSP.

He said the same won't happen for the Vita and we can see it already with it's launch titles.

jairusmonillas2458d ago

I agree with this Article, IGN finally got something right.

SH0CKW4VE2458d ago

Im interested to see how the battery life will actually be and for how long the battery remains "healthy" as in the battery life doesnt decrease over time (*cough* iPhone).

That rear touch pad puts me off, might mean you have to hold it awkwardly to avoid touching it while playing so it doesnt interfere with the controls.

The grooves are there fair enough but that doesnt look exactly ergonomic but then again sony has never been strong in their ergonomics department.

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