Battlefield 3 Without High-Res Textures (Xbox 360 Footage)

Here is what the game looks like on the Xbox 360 without the High Res texture pack installed. What do you guys think?

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BattleAxe2281d ago


FrigidDARKNESS2281d ago

absolute stunning 360 best console version.

ddurand12281d ago

i hope youre not as closed minded with other things in your life as you are with gaming consoles.

BuT_TeR2281d ago

Still looks better than Outdated Warfare 3.

leathers1232281d ago

Havnt seen any PS3 with or without footage yet but I hope its an equal experience, want something more on N4G that 360 is better than PS3 and all the bollocks.

Doesnt look too shabby without the HD pack though!

Agree with BuT_Ter tho!

radiantmind132281d ago

Even without the hd textures the animation and lighting are still great. Amazing what DICE pulled off here. Can't wait to see it on a big screen instead of on my iPod lol. Wanna try it without just to see. Then immediately install HD pack.