Xboxliveaddicts: Xbox 360 Wireless Speed wheel Review

The Xbox 360 Wireless Speed wheel certainly looks good with its U shape, flashing green lights in the ends, D-Pad on one side and Y, B, A and X buttons on the other, but how does it perform on the track?

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Bigpappy2316d ago

I think this will be used with core games that use Kinect and the controller in the future.

FLOWCity2316d ago

I have one and it has impressed me thus far.

giovonni2316d ago

I saw it being demonstrated at the Microsoft store and wanted to give it a try, is it heavy because ms is known for making heavier products

Mush xx2315d ago

@giovonni, no not really, it's pretty light as wheels go. The weight is more at the battery end, it's very slightly a bit more heavier than a wireless controller. I have an injured wrist and it was comfortable enough not to irritate it.