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Casey White wrote: "It would probably be a little bit of an understatement to say that Rocksteady had a bit of a high bar to hurdle, expectations wise, when they decided to release a sequel to Arkham Asylum. It was a game that was heralded by many game critics as the best of the superhero (and for Batman I do use that term loosely) genre. Beyond that it was considered to be one of the best games of 2009, winning all kinds of awards on all kinds of gaming enthusiast sites, including a game of the year nod from Shogun Gamer. So to say that I didn't envy those guys having to come back and top that game is in of itself another understatement that I can't even begin to stress."

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cooperdnizzle2464d ago

I don't think any game should get a ten out of ten. I have this game, there are glitches, there are somethings they could have done better such as pace of the game, for the most part its pretty good, but some parts that could have been done better. I think it could have better graphics for sure, there are really good but not the best i have seen on consoles. These are just a few of the things i have noticed. I think a 9.0 would be a fair score. I could be wrong it could be higher than that... But in no way shape or form is it a ten out of ten. Now way.

wlchrbandit2464d ago

Before I start I should mention that I love this game, it's definitely a good addition to my collection.

I don't really think it is worth a 9.0 though, let alone a 10. I just be the game, didn't notice any glitches.. what I did notice though, everything seemed to e a little.. short. You meet a boss, 5 minutes later you've beat him and you're out on the streets again, they could've done a little more with the boss fights. Make them a little longer and maybe a little more cinematic.

The dialogue kept bugging me as well, not so much in the cut-scenes, more so when Batman was talking to other people outside of cutscenes, too many awkward and unnecessary pauses. I don't know why but I felt a little uncomfortable watching these parts.

Another thing which really did my head in, the water! It looked amazing in Arkham Asylum, when you're fighting Croc, it reacted to every movement and looked rather realistic. The water in Arkham City however, it doesn't seem to react at all.. (think I saw like 1 ripple at one point) Seems like a downgrade to me..


Also near the end, when you're talking to Dr. Strange, you get a couple of scenes of people looking out the window at the destruction of Arkham City. All you can see out this window is a large plume of smoke that hides your view of the city, you can see lights on what looks like intact buildings behind the smoke, but it doesn't look as bad as it should.

It's all the little things that can be improved that stop god games from being great.

Saying this, the games definitely worthy of an 8.0, if not an 8.5.

cooperdnizzle2464d ago

I agree with you, i was saying a 9.0 to be nice, and be kinda of easy on the game. But yea an 8.5 would be a fair score. I haven't beaten the game yet though, have only put in about 5 hours. But i already know from what i have played that is not a 10 out of 10. And i like all the disagrees i got. But nobody can write anything to follow up there point. And that is because none of them can. The game is not a 10. But nicely written man bubbles for you!

Dj C42463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I think this game was a 10/10, but I'm a Batman fan and don't disagree with people who think it should have a lower score based on the points in this thread.

I think this is the best action title that's been released in the past generation. The hand to hand combat is the bar to beat now. The graphics are great and the end-game play for an open world is awesome. Unlike other open-world games like GTA that only really offer "Go find 100 packages" the Riddler quests have been flushed out and are a lot more interesting now with the whole, Saw style trap rooms that are all different.

Also video game aside, if this was a movie, graphic novel, or comic, it's one of the best Batman stories to date. I can't believe the story that Rocksteady was aloud to tell. I don't want to spoil the ending, but the last hour of story gameplay made me want to applaud my television. It is the greatest fan service title that I can think of. It takes the old Batman The Animated Series that many loved and made it grow up with the fans.

I beat the story game in about 20 hours with lots of side questing, but with the way this combat engine works, I love how each battle is totally different. To me it's like playing your favourite rockband song over and over. If you're good at the combat you can flawlessly destroy a group of 30 and it looks like a ballet of ass kicking. With all of the combat rooms, Cat Woman missions, other DLC etc. I will likely spend another 40 hours minimum myself.