The Pixel Review: Max Payne 3 Sneak Peak

The Pixel Review writes: In July of 2001, Max Payne burst onto the scene, quickly becoming both a critical and commercial success. Finnish publisher Remedy drew inspiration from John Woo and Noir films to create a hard-boiled character that could slow down time and emphasize the complete badass-ness of the game’s action. With an ongoing inner monologue, Remedy had created a masterpiece that players could get to know personally.

Over a decade later, Rockstar is poised to launch their entry to the series; Max Payne 3. After a brief viewing of the game, I can confidently say that Rockstar Vancouver was the perfect studio to pass the torch to.

The demo opens with Max, dwelling in melancholia in his dilapidated New york apartment. Not requiring much else from life, he stubbornly refuses a job offer that would task him with protecting people in locations where police are unable. Before this conversation can logically conclude, a gang of vengeance hungry thugs calls out to Max from the street. The player l...

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