Batman: Arkham City – The Catwoman Debacle

Nick Silversides from The Average Gamer plays Batman: Arkham City as if he'd just bought a pre-owned copy (i.e. without entering a Catwoman unlock code). Cue lots of annoyances....

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josephps32371d ago

If Batman Arkham City wasn't such an amazing game I must play, then I would have boycotted this game because of the online pass. Online passes are starting to get carried away now with every game I bought in the past few weeks having them: Resistance 3, Rage, Batman. But Batman is the worst because its part of the SP experience that represents 10% of the game. Other titles that uses Online Passes are just MP or insignificant bonuses you can ignore.

Next thing you know, you'll need online passes if you want to be able to save more than 3 times during the game or play the game again more than twice after finishing it. Its getting carried away. It must be stopped but how can we consumers stop it? Its easy to boycott a shitty game but Batman, Battlefield3, MW3, Uncharted3, Skyrim etc nobody is going to boycott those games if you're a fan.


ya agree. I got it because my brother pre-ordered it for my birthday.

it's an amazing game and I will give them credit for that but what they did with the online pass and all the confusing dlc skins and what not, thats put a really big fat negative in my book.

I wont be preordering (or letting anyone preorder for me) there next game until I know more about any online content.

what really annoys me is that they had been talking about the catwoman content for a long time and never did they say it was going to be dlc. Maybe if they had mentioned that from the beginning people would not have been so up in arms about it.

because it is such a great game, it's hard not to let it slide, but other devs who try to pull of the same crap for games that are nowhere near as good, I think it will be a lot harder from them because more people will just avoid the their games.

cyborg69712371d ago

You have to realize its not the dev its the publisher. This game is so good its tough to stop playing it.

And wb interactive can go fuck themselves.

wlchrbandit2371d ago

What about people without an internet connection? Maybe they just moved and have to wait a couple of weeks to get connected, or they are a student and can't afford monthly internet bills.

"I know a good way to settle my internetless woes, I'll play the new Batman: Arkham City, the first one was great! ...wait, what? Redeem a code? To unlock SINGLE PLAYER content?"

Worst use of an online pass I've seen..

The Matrix2371d ago

I have NO sympathy for people who buy the game used. If you buy it used or rent it, you know exactly what you are doing to Rocksteady (i.e. not supporting them or pissing on them). Besides, I am nearly through Arkham City and Catwoman has been in 4% of the entire game.

The Matrix2371d ago

But if they do it they better make sure they include the code. :o

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The Matrix2371d ago

Alright I see the other side now. But very immature TinTin. I think people like you are the reason that people like me aren't that bad in the grand scheme of things.

mantisimo2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

I bought it for my son and I and I can't even use the damn cat woman dlc on my account as the vouchers are for single name on a single console.

I won't buy the extra code, it stinks.

Edit, also what about the poor people who have bought it and don't know about the voucher or catwoman and don't look behind the manual, log on and are asked if they would like to buy catwoman dlc?

Double stinks, I'm all for suoporting the devs but NOT in this way.

madpuppy2371d ago

I'll buy it new...when it is a 20.00 GOTY edition with all the dlc. I do have to thank people like "the Matrix" who foolishly think that Rocksteady is some sort of starving artist enclave rather than super profitable Company (even with used sales) that will squeeze the customer in the most spiteful way they can.

What The Matrix and others of his ilk are saying is buying used is evil and you are scum, that you should support the 6 and 7 figure developers from going to the poor house by buying full price.

That is about as stupid as buying a new car for the full sticker price because you have some sort of "concern" that Ford's CEO will not afford to buy that 40 room estate in Maui.

GameZenith2371d ago


The Developers are paid on a fixed salary, not a commission. So if a graphics artist at Rocksteady has a salary of $55,000 a year, they are going to get that money if they sell 1 million units or 25 million units. So buying used does not cut into a developer's or even publisher's salary because that is fixed. The ONLY thing that is taken away from them are the bonuses.

So say they get a $2000 bonus for selling 1 million units and another $1500 for every million after that. Meaning that if the game sales 3 million copies, that is $5000 extra on their paycheck meaning that individual would make $60,000 that year instead of $55,000.

Then there are probably residuals that an employee gets as long as he/she is still employed by that developer.

But still, these developers are bringing in some nice cash. Even an entry level programmer is making like $60K and that is just entry level straight out of college! Imagine what the LEAD Gameplay Programmer would be making!

So in a way, no, I do not feel sorry for the developers and I as a person will look out for my own best interest. If it is in my best interest to save money to buy it used, then I will do so. Is Rocksteady going to pay my car payments, and pay off my student loans?

Pintheshadows2371d ago

I don't even like the Catwoman missions. They really get in the way of the story.