Dragon Bones Stay Behind in Skyrim

Bethesda reveals you can loot dragons

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Laxman2278d ago

Haha, I remember using Shadowmere as storage in Oblivion. Just chop it down, insert some weapons, go to the next town, knock her down again and get my stuff out. Too bad you cant move these bad boys.

thereapersson2278d ago

If this game was online and dragons ate and stored the loot from other heroes, it'd be cool if you managed to kill one and raid their guts for the spoils.

Iroquois_Pliskin2278d ago

Dead dragon storage....

i hope anyone saw what i did there...

Laxman2278d ago

Actually sounds pretty cool. Hope it doesnt look too messy when you kill them all though (like the article says, possibly 72 dragons).

Ren_2277d ago

I would guess there will be more than 72 if 72 is the number needed to max all the shouts.

Balcrist2277d ago

there are an infinite number of dragons, you cannot eliminate their presence in Skyrim, your genocide shall be fruitless!

Ren_2277d ago

Yeah, I heard something like that all right but I could not find a source to back me up :)