The Forging of a New Gamer: Protecting the Future of Gaming

GP blogger, Dyeknom writes, "A new challenger arrives! These few words can bring about great anticipation as the reigning champion must defend his or her title against the unknown newcomer. For many gamers, however, these new challengers are no longer found on the other side of physical arcade machines. Virtually faceless opponents connected via the internet are the most common challengers today, but new players are being found a bit closer to home.

This generation of gamers are responsible for ensuring the commercial viability of today's video games, but one should never forget that the longevity of the industry lies with the future of gaming... children."

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BattleAxe2310d ago

Who could do such a thing to an original Playstation controller??!!!

bergoo2310d ago

dual shock = not original playstation controller

BattleAxe2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Let me rephrase - Original Playstation.......Controller, not original......Playstation Controller