Dark Souls Review or: How I Became a Chronic Hypertensive |

This reviewer likes to think he’s a stable guy. Rarely do outbursts and fits of rage occur. And since Demon’s Souls was able to be completed with little to no major events occurring that led to any damage to hardware or persons in his abode, it’s only natural to assume that Dark Souls would take a similar lead, right? Right?!

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DaTruth2461d ago

I hadn't really had that "I'm getting killed a lot and am frustrated feeling", but plummeting down the Great Hollow 100 times while not ever getting a crystal gekko changed all that!

But that's the thing about this game, I climbed up the whole tree without dieing once on the way back! Something can be so difficult, and then click, you just get it and master it!

no_more_heroes2461d ago

As interesting as this game looks, under no circumstances will I EVER go anywhere NEAR it. I don't like the idea of dying and failing over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and bloody-cream-slipping OVER AGAIN!!!

jerethdagryphon2460d ago

hawk ring and greatbow worked for me there

jerethdagryphon2461d ago

except the duo bosses on ng+ there one shoting me im sl 125+ and im stil dieing

MagicAccent2461d ago

The trick is; You rage so hard that your conscious mind blacks out..
And when the world comes back into focus, there's blood all over your hands, your clothes are ripped and the bosses are dead.

Worked for me anyway.

rezzah2461d ago

reminds me of something that happened in the the Afro Samurai Anime shows, except there was blood everywhere.

ddurand12461d ago

cant wait to play this game.

im still grinding through demons souls. I gotta beat that first