CVG - Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3's change log list is huge

See exactly how Capcom is tweaking existing characters.

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Ddouble2316d ago

I'm just glad there's no more DHC glitch.

Some noteworthy stuff:

Magneto's gravity squeeze is now mashable as if it wasn't powerful enough.

Phonix health is now lower, she got nerfed nicely.

Spiderman gets an OTG, finally

Superskrull can meteor smash in the air. This plus X factor activation in the air is going to be sick.

Marceles2315d ago

I'm also glad that after one TK shot in the air, Phoenix can't do anymore moves. So she can't just float in the air and spam TK shots to chip someone out. It still sucks that she can do X-factor in the air though lol...