Game Informer review scores – November 2011

Check out the latest review scores from Game Informer.

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spunnups2317d ago

barely anything below an 8 , p
bunch of pu$$ies

Laxman2317d ago

No... Its because all the games released deserve higher than an 8. Understand what a game review is, then make your comments. Not before.

LOGICWINS2317d ago

Have you played all those games already to know what they deserve?

StanLee2317d ago

No . . . they were pretty generous. Enjoying Rage but it's not a 9. Dead Rising 2 Off the Record a 9.5? Yeah, sure buddy! /sarcasm Pro Evo Soccer, definitely not a 9. Sesame Street Once Upon a Monster 8.5? Really?! And Warhammer 40,000 is not an 8.

Laxman2317d ago

Yes, actually, I have played all of those and reviewed a few myself. You guys done seem to understand that a review is the reviewers opinion of a game. These scores are the reviewers opinons. I didnt like Rage much at all, and scored it a mediocre 7.5, same with Ace Comabat, scoring it just 6.5. But im not arogant enough to say these guys are "pu$$ies" because I dont agree with their personal opinions on a game.

LOGICWINS2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

"You guys done seem to understand that a review is the reviewers opinion of a game. These scores are the reviewers opinons."

Opinions huh? Yet you say that "all the games released deserve higher than an 8" as if it were a fact. Whatever dude.

"But im not arogant enough to say these guys are "pu$$ies" because I dont agree with their personal opinions on a game."

I agree with this though.

Laxman2317d ago

Sorry, I should have elaborated; what I meant was to these reviewers, these games deserved higher than an 8. Like we seem to agree on, its thier opinion that these deserved thier 8+'s. Apologies for misleading comment.

LOGICWINS2317d ago

^^Oh okay. I understand.

Abriael2317d ago

@StanLee: Space Marine deserves definitely more than a 8.

Other than that, I always get a nice laugh when i see websites that treat other media outlets' (and not really reputable ones at that) review scores as news. You really find all kinds on the internet :D

SilentNegotiator2317d ago

Gameinformer rarely gives anything below an 8 for highly marketed games. Well....just like most everyone else.

Thanks to bully publishers, reviewers give everything a high score, least they get blacklisted or avoided for future opportunities. God forbid a developer cry about a "hateful 8" or a crappy publisher *cough*topware*cough* blacklist for giving their not-so-impressive sequel to a game that was a piece of garbage, a 7 or under.

inveni02316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Isn't Gameinformer run by GameStop? If so, I think I know why they rate games high and encourage you to play/buy them.

Also, if this is the November issue, where's Uncharted?

BattleAxe2316d ago

Looks like most of the publishers decided to pay up this time around.

Bolts2316d ago

More and more of these so called "pro" reviews are being brought. Now a days only fan reviews can be trusted.


LOL You call 7.5 a "mediocre"? Mediocre is an adjetive that means withing the average, what doesn't stand out, not bad not good... It's like the very definition of a halfway score, i.e. 5/10, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize game review scores are alway off...

That's the reason no one takes gaming "journalists" and their reviews seriously anymore... You guys can't even do simple math to validade logical arguments... It's all about 8+ or bust!

Laxman2316d ago

@ Bishop...

And that is why you will never be a game reviewer.

da_2pacalypse2316d ago

@Laxman Why? because he's not stupid and understands that 5/10 = mediocre while 7/10 is above actually above average? He's right you know... If you got a 70% on your exam you would most likely be happy with it, but most people wouldn't look at a game if if didn't get a review over 9/10. Lol ridiculous.

Gamer19822316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Indeed Dead Rising 2: Off the Record – 9.5 Are you serious?? That is a silly score! The games still got all the faults of Dead Rising 2 just a new story its just like a giant DLC. I agree games reviewers nowadays are scared of giving low scores due to being blacklisted for it. Its why COD gets high scores every year for being almost exactly the same game.

morganfell2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

I think I agree with StanLee. For me, Warhammer > Rage.

@bishop, 5 would be a mediocre grade in standards where 5 is considered mediocre. But in modern, ill founded game review standards, 7 is mediocre and 5 is horrible. I do not agree with the current system either but as it exists, show me a game that was a 5 that people consider medium, middle of the road, mediocre. Sadly, under current systems games have to rate 7 or above to even warrant playing.

MysticStrummer2316d ago

I'm done with Game Informer. They gave Dead Island and Deus Ex: Human Revolution the same score. I understand reviews are opinions and all that, but I can't see a reason to continue supporting any magazine whose opinions differ so wildly from mine. I can't trust their reviews, and I can find countless previews/interviews/screenshot s online for the games I'm interested in.

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Spitfire_Riggz2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

True, those are a lot of high scores

JsonHenry2316d ago

They lost me at giving Dark Souls an 8.75 but gave RAGE a 9.

dazreah2316d ago

Ones a FPS and the others an RPG so they can't be compared score wise!!

Buttons2316d ago

Um, yes, they can be compared score wise because that's the whole motherfucking point of having a 10 point scale.

Chapulin2316d ago

They lost me when they gave Dead Rising 2: Off the Record – 9.5 and Dark Souls-8.75. Just stupid.

AO1JMM2316d ago

Every last one of you need to look up the definition of an OPINION and then come back in here. You may not think they deserve those scores but many others think otherwise.

showtimefolks2316d ago

but they hand out too many 10s and 9.5

most games coming out now are big blockbuster games for fall 2011 but it seems like they give a game higher rating than most gaming sites

maybe it has something to do with devs letting them review some games early to issue in the magazine

end of the day most of these games do deserve their scores

Solidus187-SCMilk2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

ahhaha well apparently they use the 3 point scale where they only give a 7-10.

@ above-- they lost me when they gave every game BUT Dark Souls a higher score then they probably deserve.

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Laxman2317d ago

So many high scores! It is arguable that 2011 is going to be one of the best years in gaming history.

Yawnier2317d ago

Nice 10 for Arkham City

humbleopinion2316d ago

Yep, another great score.

And for anyone who doesn't want to waste a click:
Batman: Arkham City – 10
RAGE – 9
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record – 9.5
Dark Souls – 8.75
NBA 2K12 – 9.5
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD – 8.5
Resident Evil 4 HD – 9.5
FIFA 12 – 9.5
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 – 9
Renegade Ops – 8.25
Burnout Crash – 7.5
Driver: San Francisco – 8.0
Gears of War 3 – 9.5
Dance Central 2 – 8.5
Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster – 8.5
Rise of Nightmares – 5
X-Men: Destiny – 7
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines – 8
Tropico 4 – 7.75
Tetris Axis – 8
Aliens: Infestation – 8.25
Rock of Ages – 7

AKS2316d ago

Eight games rated above Dark Souls in a single issue? Funny, I have a hard time picking 5 games THIS GENERATION I'd rate higher than Dark Souls.

Captain Qwark 92316d ago


sooooooooooooooooo true, DS is easily a 9.5 and one of the best games this gen. however these are all opinions and what we think is gold may be nothing but a turd to them......

MischievousIQ2316d ago

@AKS That will change when Skyrim arrives!

BuT_TeR2317d ago

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster - 8.5
Resistance 3 - 7


Swiggins2317d ago

You're comparing a child's game with a First Person Shooter...


floetry1012317d ago

@BuT, They're reviewing for a different demographic, not comparing them.

AO1JMM2316d ago

Demographic! Look it up....!

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