IGN gives 6.2/10 to PS Eye game Operation Creature Feature

Operation Creature Feature is a short, fun game that serves as an excellent demonstration for what the PlayStation Eye can do. However, its disappointing length and imbalanced gameplay (precision vs. puzzles) may be cause for concern. If you're desperate for more games that use the PlayStation Eye, $4.99 is a reasonable price for something with some pretty impressive features to it, but be cautious of the super easy puzzles which may disappoint gamers looking to exercise their mind; you're really only exercising your arms in this one.

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360sucks3890d ago

my whole family was playing
this game all morning
my moms was played it
she never played none of my game
im saying going back
when she got me atari 2600
this reviewer needs 2 go find
a girl friend or
stop playing all those shooter games
this something fun
im not saying it should get a 10
just let somebody that not
a hardcore gamer judge it

ruibing3886d ago

You guys convinced me, I'm gonna try this with the Eye for my parents and gf.

andy0013890d ago

Yep, my wife was jumping around in front of the screen waving her arms about laughing like crazy.

Great fun game, and for something like £4, it is a no-brainer.

Daver3890d ago

this game is awesome, loll its very fun it definetly worth the 5$