'I can very rarely afford to fork out £40 on a new game'

CVG - Let me start with a revealing personal note: I can very rarely afford to fork out £40 on a shiny new game so, as a result, I usually have to trade games in to buy games. A case in point is Red Dead Redemption. I traded it in when I finished it to buy another game (its name evades me at this time) and then the zombie downloadable content was dropped.

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-Alpha2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

I'll be honest here: A major reason why I bought Uncharted 2 was because of MP and Co-op which I say is some of the most fun I've ever had with MP and co-op this gen.

If it had been just single player I'd have waited. I'm just not comfortable dropping $60-$70 CND on a game that I can beat in 12 hours. If I can get both longevity and quality out of a game, I'll be more attracted to it

This is not to justify SP games adding poor MP, but I think that Uncharted had an exceptionally good MP component. I've bought tons of great SP only games that average about 15 hours for $20 which IMO is much smarter than buying them at $60.

I also don't sell or rent games, if I want a game, I want it in my collection forever. So, I tend to be picky about lasting appeal. Renting is just not an option for me and I'm no rush to rent the latest games when there are so many older ones that I still want to play

StraightPath2431d ago

I only buy Triple AAAA games, that looks like Skyrim for me a defo purchase, and i rent EVERYTHING else...for a small monthly fee a play like 8 games a month averaging depends on how fast i beat them. If your broke i suggest renting games.

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ECM0NEY2431d ago

Yep I gamefly almost everything. I buy triple A games or games that i know ill be playing for a while with friends.

Darkfiber2431d ago

I would have said the same thing about Uncharted 2, but I probably played more multiplayer during the beta than I did when the actual game came out. I probably played about 4 matches, and 2 co-op sessions and I was done. Say what you will about the Uncharted franchise; I will never understand why it is worshipped so much. Blind fanboyism, I can only assume, but the multiplayer is absolutely nothing I have not played in 50 other games before it, nor is the single player to be honest. I will wait until this gets cheap, or maybe get it as a Christmas present.

Neckbear2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

It's not only the multiplayer, it's the core game itself that's througly lacking.

Uncharted is really like that generic summer flick: entertaining while it lasts, but not much more. Humongous budget but little substance, especially in the areas that matter.

blumatt2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Games like Arkham City not letting you have the Catwoman content is a reaction to used games and renting. If people keep renting and buying used games, you'll start seeing this more and more. Content will start being limited to just new copies that come with vouchers to download certain content. I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing Call of Duty start requiring a voucher to play the online multiplayer. And I don't blame devs. for doing those kinds of things. I blame renting and things like Gamefly. They're why there's such thing as an online pass. I do understand that some people (like myself) don't want to pay full price for a new game, but that's just how it is.

I understand why people use Gamefly instead of buying new, because I'm not rich either. I don't have the money to buy every game new. They're just too expensive to buy them all. However, instead of having a Gamefly subscription, I just buy 4-5 games per year and they're mine to keep. With Gamefly, yeah sure you get to rent all you want, but you don't actually get to KEEP any of them. Just my 2 cents, though. Totally understand where they're coming from, though. (PSN: blumatt)

FlameBaitGod2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Yeah, everyone in the industry is a fan boy. That's y is the game with most awards of all time and got game of the year by many gaming sites. Stupid world!

You guys are totally right, thats y you have 1 bubble and are ignored by many, cus you speak the TRUTH!................/s

Headshot812431d ago

Yeah, nice trollin' by the guy who submitted, mezzo. Article doesn't even mention the uncharted series, but who cares right?, just slap a picture of uncharted 3 on any lame ass story.

OnTopic- Hey, if u can't buy all the new games that are out, [email protected] it, just by the ones u like. Ain't nothing wrong with that, and no need to be dramatic about it. World keeps on spinning.

jp_footy22431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Well said.

Hisiru2431d ago

We (brazilians) need to pay R$180 for a new game... You guys are lucky.

mcz2431d ago

Actually we(Brazilians)have to pay R$ 199 for a new Ps3 game. That's about US$ 110


PRHB HYBRiiD2431d ago

i just buy the top games and they gotta have good multiplayer so i can keep playing it for hours and hours and get my money worth i played uncharted beta and i loved it plus the single player is a must play so i bought that and of course battlefield 3 125 bucks well spent i have over 200 hours of entertainment right there (:

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Dante1122431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

When did 10 hour SP mode games become the standard for short games?

Edit: @ Alpha

UC3 has good multiplayer as well as coop, so don't worry. A journalist from Kotaku recently stated that he or you shouldn't buy UC3 since it has an online pass though (guess 60 dollars was too much for him lol). I swear it's like the media is trying to find any reason they can for people not to buy UC3 sometimes.

Edit: @Logic

I was replying to Alpha.

LOGICWINS2431d ago

"Lol, it's like the media is trying to find any reason they can for people not to buy UC3."

WOOOW Dante...did you even read the article? It doesn't mention Uncharted 3 even ONCE lmao.

2431d ago
LOGICWINS2431d ago

"I was replying to Alpha"

Okay, so why did you just edit your comment? Dude just admit it, you got caught lol. Don't understand why people are overly defensive of Uncharted on this site.

Dante1122431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

"Okay, so why did you just edit your comment? Dude just admit it, you got caught lol. Don't understand why people are overly defensive of Uncharted on this site."

I edited my comment? Yeah, to reply to you and Alpha. That line you snag is even still there. I don't know why you get overly sensitive when people discuss the Uncharted series :/

Edit: "Your B.S", "You and I know what happened". Are you kidding me? Lmao, Wow.

LOGICWINS2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

^^The only emotion I'm feeling now is laughter from your B.S. lol. The line that I quoted from your comment was the first and only thing you wrote...two minutes later you write a novel to Alpha. You and I both know what happened lol.

@Dante- Okay yeah I know you messed up. You didn't have to send me a PM just to say that.

-Alpha2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

This has nothing to do with the media playing down UC3. I dont understand how you can even jump to that conclusion.

I only brought up UC because it was a game that was heavily praised for SP yet a large part of my purchase was because of the MP and Co-Op (which to many was something that they just brushed over) To many people, the idea of buying a SP game for MP is somehow offensive and makes you less of a gamer. I was offering my perspective on the whole rental thing/affordability thing with the article (which also has nothing to do with Uncharted either)

I don't know why you are getting worked up on Uncharted and media bias, I think you are seeing something that isn't there. I swear you're the fourth person I've come across on here that is trying to plant the "UC will be bashed by the biased media" seeds as if trying to create some sort of insurance policy for any criticism UC3 may end up getting

LOGICWINS2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

"I don't know why you are getting worked up on Uncharted and media bias, I think you are seeing something that isn't there."

What happened ws that Dante saw the pic on the upper right hand side and ASSUMED that the article was about UC3. I've never seen such blatant damage control in my life.

elshadi2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

yeah dante
batman ac and bf 3 and other games have online pass
as well but that lame Kotaku never said any thing about that
he only bash ps3 exclusives with no reason at all

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pucpop2431d ago

DEMOS!! Try B4 u buy. Easy.

DA_SHREDDER2431d ago

first there was years of drought when it came to quality games, and now there is too many that we can't even afford it. This gen is completely crazy!!!! And it's darkened my soul then even my worst enemy!!!

from the beach2431d ago

Sorry jerk, some of us here LOVE playing videogames and want to support the people who make them by buying the damn things. Take your sob story elsewhere.

Urrakia342431d ago

I love video games but I wait for sales to buy them. I hardly ever purchase at $60. How can you call the guy a jerk for renting games?

Yawnier2431d ago

Same, I don't even bother to buy games at 60$ anymore (there is a few exceptions like Uncharted) seeing as so many games drop to 30$ or 40$ in a matter of a few months.

Infernostew2431d ago

There are a few games for me that I buy at $60 (Uncharted 3 being one of them). But I too wait for sales or the game to be discounted. The worst thing this gen is companies rereleasing games with DLC included so for games that I know will have DLC, I wait around to see if they'll rerelease it.

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