Digital Foundry - Preparing your PC for Battlefield 3

EuroGamer - In an age where triple-A game development leads on console, there's a strong argument that cutting-edge PC development is a thing of the past, a relic of a bygone era. But next week, PC gaming enthusiasts can afford themselves a little old-school rejoicing, because DICE's Battlefield 3 changes that: it's a top-of-the-line experience that leverages the power of PC architecture and offers up a game that is technologically way in advance of its console siblings.

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LackTrue4K2340d ago

2 days away?! (i dont know how long it takes to build one) but i think its too late!? NO?

Theo11302340d ago

It takes like 2 hours or less, depending on your proficiency at building computers.

BiggCMan2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Yea a couple hours is all it took my friend and I to build mine. Still gotta buy the stuff though, which takes a few days to be sent out. Anywho, my beast is ready for action. GTX 580, i5 2500k at 3.5ghz, 8gb RAM, Battlefield 3 already downloaded. Just gotta wait till Monday at midnight, and i'll be playing!

LackTrue4K2340d ago

O_o" Really?! that fast?! dam, im not that teck-ie but thats cool. i always see thiz rigs and would thank it takes them a 2 days or so to build!

3GenGames2340d ago

^Go AMD x64 quad core dude, save yourself the time and especially money. i#'s aren't as efficient cycle wise nomatter what bent stats you have seen. Only trying to help...

inveni02340d ago

Yeah, building a computer is simple. The most time consuming part is the installation of the OS and peripherals. (But Windows 7's installation is the easiest and fastest in Windows history.)

AKS2340d ago

Hmm, it took me longer than that, but nevertheless I'm ready. I put together a 2600K/ CF 6950 rig this summer.

bumnut2340d ago

Correction, It takes 2 hours or less if everything goes to plan!

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MaxMurdoch2340d ago

building PCs isnt hard at all. dont believe me? You could do it in a single day with no prior experience (prolly less). Look here:

Dojan1232340d ago

Question - if I SLI my 570 will my I-920 be a major bottleneck? Am I better off upgrading my CPU? I do not want to buy another Motherboard for now so I need to stay with a 1366 chip if i need to upgrade.

C_Menz2340d ago

BF3 is mainly GPU heavy so you may be fine with your current CPU.

inveni02340d ago

Agreed. Your GPU is fine, too. Don't do any upgrading until you play the game. Once playing, you can monitor each. If something is maxing out, you can upgrade it.

shockdude2340d ago

Better SLI your 570, your CPU is great.

AKS2340d ago

I think you'll be fine with that CPU. Good CPUs tend to be fine for gaming for a decent span of time. It's graphics cards that get outdated rather quickly.

This game does use plenty of GPU power, though! An upgrade there is a good idea.

SH0CKW4VE2340d ago

i5 2500k @3.6 GHz watercooled,
GTX 580,
Microsoft X4 Keyboard,
Logitech MX518 (great value for money mouse, who the hell buys razer products? $40 for a mouse pad? LOL)
Sennheiser PC 360s to take advantage of all that glorious sound design!

Shadowaste2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Built my most recent build on the kitchen counter while making tacos, the pc was done before the tacos, I am serious!

Multitasking FTW!

It's that easy, if you were capable of making lego sets as a chap, you can build a pc!

I-7 2600
8gb DDR3
2x 570 SLI
Win7 64
1tb HD

PC moves from 55" Samsung with Klipsh 5.1 two towers
to LG 30" 2560x1600p monitor for those truely sexy games!

ssean2272340d ago

How are the 570's in sli I have an evga superclocked and was thinking about picking up another one for sli.
I7 960 watercooled
12gb ddr3 1600
80gb intel ssd
75gb wd raptor
1tb media hd
570 gtx

AKS2340d ago

I'm not sure if mixing taco making and PC building is the best idea. I'd keep those activities separate.

Allowen2340d ago

Will this game be even "heavier " then The Witcher 2 game ?

I can rum TW2 on the high (with no fps drop) settings and what about BF3 ?

C_Menz2340d ago

I played both and personally Wither 2 pushed my PC harder than BF3. BF3 does looks nicer however.

caboose322340d ago

I think Battlefield 3 is more impressive graphically, but the Witcher 2 has one of the best gritty art styles in a game I have ever seen.

C_Menz2340d ago

Agreed. I loved that game and with the recent 2.0 patch I will do another run through once I get my BF3 fix.

Really hope that that they make a third game and expand it even more since it is one hell of a game.

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