Fan-Made Battlefield 4 Trailer

YouTube celebrity Freddie Wong has taken it upon himself to make the trailer for the next game in the Battlefield 3 series. The graphics look phenomenal but the gameplay looks a bit too realistic.


Fixed article to read "Battlefield series".

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Shackdaddy8362344d ago

I think it's gonna go more like

BF3 -> BC3 -> BF:2143 -> BC4 -> BF4

Maybe with BC4 and BF4 switched possibly...

SH0CKW4VE2344d ago

BF: 2143 would potentially be awesome.

HK62344d ago

Yeah it's definitely possible that we could see another Bad Company game to be sort of a testing ground for new gameplay changes.

Hufandpuf2344d ago

My timeline

Bf3->bf2143 (expansion or downloadable game)->mirrors edge 2->mystery?

LakerGamerEnthusiast2344d ago

great video :D all he needed was to add some explosions to it and it wud be pretty epic lol

pumpactionpimp2344d ago

If this is what bf4 would look like, it would definitely be a day one buy!

FlareDReborn2344d ago

If BF4 looked like this i would buy it for 100 dollars.

AzaziL2344d ago

Probably won't see graphics like this until at least the gen after the next like PS5 or X1080 but it's a trip thinking graphics will truly be realistic in around 10 or so years...

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The story is too old to be commented.