Is Arkham City the Perfect Sequel?

Batman: Arkham City launched last week, and has done nothing but amaze those who have had a chance to play it. Everyone however, had different ideas going in and coming out of this blockbuster title. Did this game really surpass the hype that lead up to it’s release, or is it overrated? Did Batman: Arkham City live up to the hype for you?

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Nitrowolf22406d ago

I like this game a lot, but I beat it so fast (story). That was something I was hoping was longer. I know there's more in side missions with some extra bosses and such though.

admjwt2406d ago

This game was amazing.

themonsterplayer2406d ago

I think Arkham City really did improve every aspect of the series

Mike_Tha_Hero2406d ago

I think so, I really like the depth the game has to offer. It's a true testament to how a sequel should be done.

iDotDotDot2406d ago

If only every game could improve upon their sequels as much as batman did.

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