Mass Effect 3 co-op information released

Today more information on the co-op in Mass Effect 3 was released.

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SH0CKW4VE2430d ago

Hmmm interesting

playing as a krogan?

This may not be a bad idea after all Bioware, aslong as its not short lived like most co-op that is seperate from the main story.

SageHonor2430d ago

From what i hear you can CHARGE too. :D

ThanatosDMC2430d ago

I've always wanted to be a Krogan rather than Shepard.

Blacktric2430d ago

Who wouldn't. They have 4 balls.

C_Menz2430d ago

Wow, that article had a lot of grammatical errors.

BtnMshrTV2430d ago

Sorry for gramatical errors, post was written on the fly... forgot to check. They're fixed now. Thank you for letting me know,

SeraphimBlade2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

You can play as a Drell AND do a Krogan charge?! ALL IS FORGIVEN.
(at least by me)

Pintheshadows2430d ago

I'm starting to like Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. All the articles are about it so the campaign isn't being ruined.

aPerson2430d ago


That small amount of information is all it takes for you guys to completely change your opinion of ME3 multiplayer?

grifter0242430d ago

Agree. I find that the funniest to be honest.

WE have a child commenting on tweets as an article and he cant even proof read his own work before he publishes it holy cow!

These little things just goes to show you that they went full out on the selling out part and ripped off Horde/Zombies mode of COD/Gears. There is literally nothing in there that warrants a multiplayer mode , whoa Krogan charge holy cowz well that warrants the 10$ Online Pass!

Well I'm done with EaWare...hell them not even ending the Reaper story because they want to throw out that Mass Effect MMO just solidifies my standing in never ending my Mass Effect play-through.

The_Nameless_One2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

1.) I find it funny that you comment on his bad spelling when your last paragraph just looks like it came out of dyslexia land. Maybe you should take your own advice and proof read your own crap before you post it.

2.) So it seems you got an early copy of the game and you already know they are not going to finish the reapers story line.

3.) So I guess you also work for Bioware and know there will be a Mass Effect MMO. So is it confirmed here on n4g?

On any case

Well, I'm done with EaWare...TO hell WITH them FOR not even ending the Reaper story because they want to throw out that Mass Effect MMO. THIS FEATURE just solidifies my standing in never ending my Mass Effect 2 play-through.


grifter0242430d ago

The funny part is you should screen cap this, because the MMO for Mass Effect will be happening and when you end ME3 and the Reapers are still on their way can always look at my dyslexic post and cry yourself to sleep.

aPerson2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )


I'm going to make 2 predictions:

1. Bioware will continue to talk up the multiplayer component of Mass Effect 3 as if it were the best thing since sliced bread.

2. Regardless of what Bioware says (remember how awesome they said Dragon Age 2 was going to be?), the multiplayer component will feel tacked on and completely unnecessary, just like Dead Space 2's multiplayer.

EDIT 1: @The_Nameless_One
"And how exactly is that different from any game related PR?"

It isn't any different. That's why I don't believe any of it.

The_Nameless_One2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Even if there will be a Mass Effect MMO it's not going to come out in the near future. EA will not take the risk, period. The only way you will see a Mass Effect MMO is if SWTOR will become the new WoW [which it won't].

It still amazes me that people just don't get the idea behind the Mass Effect story. Everyone seems to think it's about the Reapers but it's really not about them at all. The Reapers are merely a plot device and if you can't see that maybe you need to start reading more literature and maybe then it'll sink in. Oh wait, I guess your dyslexia prevents you from doing just that.

So here's another one of those "I don't care for the game but i'll keep trolling the articles about it and eventually I'll get people to change their mind". Grow up.

grifter0242430d ago

Not about the reapers.
Mass Effect 1- Stop saren find out he's being controlled by a Reaper, kill Reaper find out there are more

Mass Effect 2-Stop Collectors find out they are being controlled by Reapers, Reapers on way

Mass Effect 3- Few Reapers make it to Earth destroying it.

Mass Effect is NOT about the so what is it about romancing Tali? Miranda?Ashley?Garrus?Jacob?Ja ck?Liara?Kelly?Thane?

Also they will HAVE to make the mmo fast because of the abomination of DA2, they already know that they have nothing once Mass Effect is done due to DA2 bombing hard. They throw out TOR so they have enough time to make a new JadeEmpire since the Dragon Age franchise is basically ruined. They need to the Mass MMO to come out fast before a new shooter comes out that takes away their fanbase that they tried so hard to bring in.

PS: I loved the Franchise to death and ME2 was the only game I preordered but once they sold out well I decided I didnt want to be apart of the destruction of another AAA franchise.

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