Game Podunk | Batman: Arkham City Review

GP: "Batman: Arkham City has a very tough job. See, when Arkham Asylum came out, people liked it. They really, really liked it. It was a brilliant masterpiece that simply had to be a fluke. There's no way that another Batman game could actually be good.

It was a risky road when Arkham City was announced, 'cause lightning don't strike twice,' as Mama used to say. Well Rocksteady's here to tell you, Mama, you still have some lessons to learn."

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2317d ago
NBT912317d ago

It is really good, the main plot is a little short but everything else is sheer quality =)

SH0CKW4VE2317d ago

Props to the local British lads bringing us one of the best single players out there.

Good job Rocksteady!

Kakihara2316d ago

It's so good that it's almost unpleasant to play because I can feel it getting closer to the end. Even when I try to hold it off by doing as many side missions and random encounters as possible, every moment feels like a unique event that I'll never be able to experience for the first time again, it makes me Want to give it a rest for a while so I can savour it a little more but I just can't stop playing.