Hello Face Demo for PlayStation Vita

Dualshock Nexus: Check out this cool demonstration for the PlayStation Vita's Hello Face app.

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cannon88002282d ago

If they can make a talking potato face that gives me wise quotes and tips, I'm sold.

Treezy5042282d ago


"PlayStation Vita, making food come to life since 2012"

jujubee882282d ago

PS Vita has human facial recognition software, this probably some subset of that technology Sony used and integrated that into welcome park.

Hmmm. What inanimate objects around you look like a face? (nothing explicit pls.)


christoph2032282d ago

This looks awsome lol, if you can make your face your face the avatar on your freinds list that would be quite cool lol.. whos gunna be the first person to make a face out of the bollocks lol!