MW3 – Unknown Number of Prestige Levels and Prestige Shop Details

MP1st - "Robert Bowling, Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward, reveals information on how the prestige shop will work in Modern Warfare 3 and more."

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Hitman07692314d ago

Cringeworthy to see how this game will turn out!!!

Criminal2314d ago

Yeah, it's the first game to come from the new IW, so I'll be interesting to see their take on the franchise.

GraveLord2313d ago

Cringeworthy how?
I know how the game is going to be. I don't have super high expectations. This is why I will love the game. I don't expect too much from it. There's no way I can be disappointed :)

JaredH2313d ago

I have no clue why they keep on making the number of prestiges and levels higher and higher. I have never gotten close to the last prestige of any of them when playing for days online. And since it's to level 80 there'll be an even bigger gap between unlocks which I hated in MW2 because you only get something for leveling every 3 or 4 levels while in Black Ops it felt like every level.

Hockeydud192314d ago

I don't have the time to even get close to 10th prestige lol. Once I unlock the guns I want I just worry about unlocking everything else.

Criminal2314d ago

I personally like prestiging. It's like start from scratch.

Mister_V2314d ago

They pretty much are giving you the option to Prestige from 10th Prestige with that new reset feature!

aksmashh2313d ago

Soon as i hit first prestige that will do me, i cant see myself playing this longer then a day or two (gaming time)

Mister_V2314d ago

I really like that we can choose our Prestige awards.

Criminal2314d ago

I having options is good thing, but MW2 had too many killstreak options, which was one of the reasons why the game was unbalanced.

Mister_V2314d ago

Too bad there's no option for real money :(

Virus2012313d ago

That's why I stopped playing after the first month. All those kill streaks were too much and in my opinion the maps were horrible.

Shackdaddy8362313d ago

I barely ever get to prestige. I just don't play enough CoD to do that honestly. But then again I only play TDM. I think I heard you prestige a lot quicker if you do S&D.

Jovahkiin2313d ago

Hmm I think ill just keep using my prestige points to unlock the m14 :P