WGTC: Batman: Arkham City Review

A detailed, informative and interesting review of Batman: Arkham City.

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Wick2316d ago

Rocksteady are Batman masters.

kramun2315d ago

I've been playing it since I got up, it's an amazing game. There's so much in it.

kamakaz3md2315d ago

5 star rating is stupid... anyway, so by you saying that this game is a 5/5 means the game is amazing, and its perfect, its flawless... an A+ a 10/10... yea, I highly doubt it.

aPerson2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )


DeadManMcCarthy2315d ago

10/10 or 5 star rating doesn't mean perfect, no game is perfect it just means it deserves top score for being a great game.

Ocean2315d ago

Plenty to find as well....400 riddler bits to search for....loving this game