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Submitted by cyborg 1498d ago | screenshot

Uncharted 3′s Graphical Leap Is Remarkable – Comparison

Naughty Dog’s upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Uncharted 3 is looking set to be a serious contender for the best looking PlayStation 3, but even its predecessors managed to set new visual standards for console titles when they released. (Naughty Dog, PS3, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception)

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psb  +   1498d ago
If you haven't played the original Uncharted
and both Uncharted 3 and Uncharted get played in front of you at once, you'll shocked at how good the original looked, and even that how much better the third iteration of the series does. Naughty Dogs are the best PS3 devs imho.
_DarkCharizard_  +   1498d ago
Remarkable ....

xPhearR3dx  +   1498d ago
Agreed. From 2 to 3 isn't hardly a significant difference, plus this comparison sucks. They used 3 different environments for and small ass pics. What a joke article.
reynod  +   1498d ago
But but the PS3 still isnt maxed out. Naughty dog purposely left more room so they can use more power with UC4 and then some more with UC5. Obviously they dont want to deliver max quality cause then there will be no way to improve.

Seriously anyone following the above logic would have to be retarded. The games look very simular there isnt much of a graphics leap and hey its about the game play not graphics.. just enjoy the game.
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inveni0  +   1498d ago
That's not just your opinion...that's a fact.
ApplEaglElephant  +   1498d ago
@reynold 360 was maxed wayyy before
there is difference between max and optimized.

As ND said, There are plenty of room for optimization on PS3. Most improvements are in 3d. even the floor is shown in 3D. 360 was never able to do it. it takes too much processing power.

Even if we are not talking about 3d, game looks amazing. Unlike 360 games which tries to keep up by cutting AA, framerates, stability and etc. I mean Gears 3 doesnt even have AA LOL. 5+ years after release and game still dont have AA.haha

Uncharted 3 looks better without cutting any of those.
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HappyGaming  +   1498d ago
@ApplEaglElephant we are playing word games here...

Dont expect any more leaps in graphics till the next gen!!!
ApplEaglElephant  +   1498d ago
@Gumtrol There always will be grpahics improvement
cause code will get optimized more.

even more so for PS3. 360 will have grpahical improvement but not as much. There are signs that it is struggling to keep up. All the so called best graphics game are struggling from huge technical issues. Like framerates, sub hd, no AA. Again, gears 3 dont even have AA.

How does Uncharted 3 look better without making those technical sacrifices?? because there is more room to optimize just like what ND said.
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Zynga  +   1497d ago

"Unlike 360 games which tries to keep up by cutting AA, framerates, stability and etc. I mean Gears 3 doesnt even have AA LOL. 5+ years after release and game still dont have AA.haha"

Obviously you haven't played gears 3, which is why you don't know what your talking about. haha
Shane Kim   1497d ago | Trolling | show
Sub4Dis  +   1497d ago
you people always get stuck in the same childish argument. i can't believe you aren't sick of typing the same drivel over n over.

on topic, i hate the way sully looks now. and i don't really see any improvements in the models over the 2nd game. in fact, i think most of the characters look better in UC2. i'm guessing the transition to 3D caused this.
ApplEaglElephant  +   1497d ago
@Zynga... Obviously you havent played or you are blinded by your fanboyism
Gears 3 dont have AA.. thats a FACT.

AA typically use up about 20 to 30 percent of hardware's power. The fact that Gears 3 couldnt handle AA just goes to show that they had to abandon AA just to keep up.

Uncharted 3 has nice AA btw and did not cut back on anything.
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jetlian  +   1497d ago
pretty clear UC1 was highest technically but UC3 looks better. You can see them pulling back on geometry. Jungles to mountains to a desert. Hardest to easiest.

You can max a system off the bat doesn't mean its efficient

Apple: gears does more on screen than uncharted. Like I said 3d, splitscreen, MP don't have lower Graphics like uc
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Perkel  +   1497d ago
Well the thing is those comparitions are OLD.

I mean U3 characters and screens are from old build.

Here is comparition of Elena in earlier build:

Here is new U3 build

Diffrence is night and day !

here's whole old vs new build comparition. They upped res of textures A LOT !

Currently U3 is top game in therm of graphic. Textures resolution, level streaming, characters poly models...

And here is cargo gameplay from new build. It looks mindblowing...

Watch it in HD :)
humbleopinion  +   1497d ago
@ApplEaglElephant, you obviously have no idea what you're talking about.
Gears 3 MSAA was dropped simply because of the rendering approach: MSAA doesn't work well with the post processing effects that you see in Gears so you either have to drop it and switch to another post processing smoothing tech (like Gears 3 and many other games today - Killzone for example), or render the post processing effects AFTER the AA filter is applied which can make things look ackward sometimes and cause artifacts (like in Gears 2).

The end result in Gears 3 is amazingly looking regardless of AA. quoting DF: "it's fair to say that the post-processing techniques we see in the sequel do much more than the old, borked MSAA ever did in terms of reducing aliasing issues across the run of play". It's one of the best looking games to date, and at least from the multiplayer betas comparison it looks better than Uncharted 3. Will see how they really compare when UC3 is out next month.
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MaxXAttaxX   1497d ago | Immature | show
baodeus  +   1497d ago

1. ND said 3D is like doing split screen, and Gears has split screen since Gear 1 w/out issues. Gears 3 has split screen and 3D over it (with some sacrifice to textures though same as KZ3). Same w/ Halo 3/reach/ where u can play 4 split screens no problem. Think before u said about too much processing. Do u think KZ or UC can actually going split screen or 3D without sacrificing anything? Look what happen to KZ3 analysis by Digital Foundry going split screen or 3D mode. Read up on it. Don’t know how it gonna hold up in UC3 going 3D, which we would have to wait and see.

2. Gears 1,2 both have 2xmsAA like UC 1,2 (don't know about UC3). With gears 3, Epic replaced it w/ FXAA, which is similar to how Sony exclusives replacing the traditional MSAA for less taxing AA like MLAA. These type of AA are quite effective (also allow room for other things) but they do have limitation, unlike MSAA. KZ3 use MLAA, don't know about UC3 (which might also likely using MLAA or just 2xmsaa like usual). Both of the consoles aren't capable of running high caliber games with traditional 2/4/8/16xMSAA, real time dynamic/HDR lighting at 720/1080p and 60fps without sacrificing anything.

3. If you look at UC scenes (desert or the canyon part for example), it is really nice looking, except there isn't anything going on in it. I thought RDR gameplay like these and are far more impressive than UC w/ just as much detail (if not more), unscripted, totally dynamic, enormous scale, draw distance, and running at 720p (2xAA) on x360. UC has never rendered as much things on screen, actions, etc.. as Gears either, and especially with Gears 2 or 3. It is easier to add more details for sight seeing purposes when u have nothing else to worry about. You don’t think heavily scripted gameplay/events helps ND to achieve these looks? Here are some of examples of what u can get when u have scripted events (some of them are still in game play no less):
Crysis 2:
baodeus  +   1497d ago
4. UC is pretty good with cinematic gameplay, but so can other games like Crysis 2 or even older game on the xbox like advent rising (especially the plane part in UC vs. advent rising aircraft battle....same shit here, just better graphics than Advent rising). It is just that ND really focus on that aspect, while other games focus on something else.
Here is something similar to UC from Advent Rising on the original xbox (like UC3 airship scene) (like UC2 snow scene)
Now i'm not saying one is better than the other (based on technical aspect of it, which I don’t think u know a dam thing), but hey if you say UC is more artistic and colorful than gears, i would agree. Now IF u think there aren’t improvement from Gear2 and Gear 3, I suggest u read again on digital foundry analysis. It proves that both consoles still have room for optimization to look “a bit” better, but hardware wise, they are practically tap out.
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Perkel  +   1497d ago
@ baodeus

You have been trolled by ApplEaglElephant


"3. UC has never rendered as much things on screen, actions, etc.. "

lol. How few rocks some draw LOD distance and few explosions can compare with all hot mumbo jumbo in UC series /s

Dude One game focuses on scripted story other not. Calculating how clouds move and how wind is blowing won't change how it will look.

UC3 is loooking much better with it's razor sharp textures, better art, more explosions, better lightnig or use of light sources etc. They can focus on things player will see and pimp them up.

You forgot also one more thing. Image Quality is absolutly more important than many other FX and graphic innovations.

IQ is reason why people call God of War 3 best looking PS3 game. UC2 even with 2xmsAA thanks to it's HDR method had better IQ than most 2xmsaa or 4xmsaa games. Still don't hold a candle to GOW3 but this alone gave big WOW factor. Razor Sharp Textures, vG IQ and ART.

Games you speak of RDR and Crysis have terrible IQ even on x360...

Both games look good but their IQ is like rat in your favorite soup. Obviously it would be delicious if there wasn't rat in it...

Here is what good IQ can achieve with sharp textures and some good lightning:
Dee_91  +   1497d ago
im asuming baodues played uc3 to know so much about it.

about the article... im barely on gaming sites and I knew those were older builds the second I saw them .. expect an everyday n4g user to make a better comparison than a gaming site lmao
how sad
I get the feeling gaming sites arent ran by real gamers let alone real journalist sometimes.
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Sony360  +   1497d ago

This delusional attitude is getting out of hand now. "The ps3 still isn't even maxed out".

Do you seriously believe that? It's like you think the Ps3 is some sort of alien hardware with so much potential. If it's not maxed out yet then why was the graphical leap between UC2 and UC3 so small?

Enjoy the game, it looks terrific like UC2. Stop fanboying so much over the consoles power and appreciate how capable it still is. It's hardware is 6 years old now, kiddo but like with the 360, there is still always room for a little optimization.

When you come out baseless, deluded drivel like "the developers deliberately aren't using the Ps3's full potential" no one is going to take what you say seriously.

Putting your clueless comment aside, UC3 does look fantastic.
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thewhoopimen  +   1497d ago
I think it's only fair to
Post DF's analysis of gears of war 3 to really clarify the comparison between uc3 vs geow3.
Sadly, I don't see how their article is working in the 360 trolls favor. Fake 3d TriOviz, macro blocked fmvs, NO AA or bs FXAA, and to quote: [In Gears of War 3] the action itself is consistently entertaining, but on the flipside, there's never a sense that the Gears gameplay template is being radically improved in the way that, say, Naughty Dog aimed to mix things up in Uncharted 2. You rarely feel challenged into trying something new, the same tactics generally just seem work from start to finish. In this sense, the eyes and ears are well taken care of, but the brain doesn't really get a workout."

So gameplay is not even in the same league, let alone graphics....

Will 360 trolls never learn that FACTS are available for ALL to read?
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1497d ago
Gears 3 uses motion-blur skinning in place of the AA which is something the PS3 can't do...

Edit: Below, Apple was the only person to bring up Gears. People like myself just happen to like UC and Gears and will defend them if they're slighted. Apples comment shows that he/she is insecure if they have to bring up another game in an article about a different game.
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UnwanteDreamz  +   1497d ago
Look at all these Gears fankids and their GIANT WALLS OF TEXT. LMAO you guys need to rush in here and bring up GeOW to feel good about getting a 360 for christmas instead of a PS3? This is sad. Next time idiots troll your 360 BS I bet you'll complain.

Pixel counters are sad.
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JsonHenry  +   1497d ago
2 to 3 isn't that big a diff. But 1 to 2 is HUGE IMO.
baodeus  +   1497d ago

1. Why do u think developers lower the resolutions when things get heavy (too much things on screen) to maintain frame rate, vsync, etc..? Rendering a lot of things, doing 3D and split screen do impact on the IQ of the game. Gears is more action oriented than UC (which is about sight seeing) and the IQ is pretty amazing too no less.
2. Like i said, u can do more on IQ when thing are scripted (like UC or GoW3). If you want razor sharp IQ for scripted gameplay, look at Resident Evil 5:


Castlevania: LoS

3. IQ benefit greatly from scripted, QTE, type of gameplay because developer know exactly where to dedicate their resources (no wasting). Again if other developers wanted to do the same, they could on the 360 as well (RE and Castlevania). But with that said, RDR and Crysis IQ look amazing (i mean haven't u look at those videos?). If you saying RDR isn't about art, i don't know what is. Crysis is going for realism, and so far, it is still the most realistic looking game on console (probably until BF3 come out). These game are doing much more than UC (on the dynamic aspect of it), beside just good looking. It seems to me like u guys make judgement based entirely on face value alone. Now i'm not ditching on UC if at all. It is ONE of the best looking game and one of the best game out there too, but that doesn't mean other games aren't on part in art, graphics, detail, etc...

4. I have to ask one questions, do u guys ever play any other games on other consoles beside exclusives on ps3 and are you guys playing all of these games on SDTV or huge HDTV?

no, i never said i have played UC3. I did however played UC1 and UC2 (UC is also my favorites new IP this gen), but based on those two, u can guess what UC3 going to be like right? I mean, UC3 just not suddenly going to be an open game and free roaming like RDR right? I'm actually curious on what if ND make an open game for ps3, would it still maintain that kind of IQ.
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fluffydelusions  +   1498d ago
Also PS2/PS1 devs :)
Xalaris  +   1498d ago
I prefer Insomniac for the PS2 generation D:
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Dante112  +   1498d ago
Nice, it does seem to get better after each game. Character model wise as well as the level detail. Someone posted two new videos from the campaign earlier today and by just going off of all the "OMG" "Amazing level", it must be something else.
gamingdroid  +   1498d ago
The games look great, no doubt about that!

Among the best consoles has to offer, but I just don't see any real graphical differences in those pictures. Something I'm missing?

edit: @LOGICWINS below

It certainly looks like they went from realistic in Uncharted to slightly cartoony in Uncharted 3. To me, artistically Uncharted 2 looks the best.
#1.4 (Edited 1498d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(28) | Report | Reply
LOGICWINS  +   1498d ago
lol Sully's character model actually looks like it has more detail in Uncharted 1 than Uncharted 3 from what I see in those pics.

@gamingdroid- Agreed. Uncharted 2 looks the best to me. Others may like UC3's more cartoony look, but I prefer UC2's look.
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Jio  +   1498d ago

Your username and your comment do not match...
rjdofu  +   1498d ago
"UC3's more cartoony look"

U serious dude?
Virus201  +   1497d ago
Yeah Even though the environment in UC3 looks amazing I have been noticing that the characters do look a bit cartoonish. Whenever a new trailer came out for UC3 my jaw dropped when I saw the environment. But when I saw Drake's face I couldn't help but notice that it did look cartoonish. If someone doesn't believe me, watch the trailer where Drake is in the dessert. Look at Drake's face when he looks out to the dessert. If you don't think the graphics were cartoonish you are either in denial or blind.

This game is still a day one purchase (not really im getting this game for free from the subway promotion).
Sub4Dis  +   1497d ago
that's not a clever comment. it's a comment i've seen made on n4g at least a dozen times. you people need new material.

oh, and i agreed with logic 100%. they clearly had to slightly reduce the quality to make room for the 3D. if you weren't a fanboy (along with most of the 12 y/o's on this site), you'd recognize that.
kikizoo  +   1497d ago
Forget the pictures, and try to look at gameplay (desert, horses, etc) it's just another king, better than uncharted2, and only possible on ps3 (or pc).
Jio  +   1497d ago

I wasn't trying to be clever. In fact, I was stating the obvious. What you're saying is that everyone says that to LOGICWINS? Makes sense. Also, everyone only ways it looks cartoony because the facial expressions are much better. Also, all I could read in your comment was "trololololol"
Gamer3000  +   1497d ago
it is the best looking game on consoles untill god of war 4 arrive
it looks better than uc2/kz2-3/godofwar3

and show me that video that shows uncharted 2 has more realistic gfx than uncharted 3
i will wait
i know you have nothing and you will bring nothing
you are a troll who bubble him self up with another account
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Objective  +   1497d ago
Actually seems like a slight plunge. UC2 is better.
UnwanteDreamz  +   1497d ago

Seen the comment a over a hundred times? May be more to that the people attempting to be clever. You probably still don't comprehend so NM.
aquamala  +   1498d ago
big jump between Uncharted 1 and 2, not so much between 2 and 3.
dirthurts  +   1497d ago
True, but at this quality level you really can't complain.
I still can't believe what they can do with 512 ram...Impressive from every angle.
MsclMexican  +   1498d ago
Yeah, although people say that the jump from U2 to U3 is not as huge as U1 to U2...

I think the jump is huge

The lighting in u3 is incredible, I mean it looks ridiculously good also the character models look great Nate, Chloe and Sully, Elena looks kind of simular in U2 but it looks very very good.

The only thing that annoyed me is that they compared the Ice caves mp map... they needed more U2 single player to really compare

But Uncharted 3 looks amazing.. my personal GOTY
aquamala  +   1498d ago
GOTY goes to a game you haven't played?
JaredH  +   1498d ago
The only thing is that the games not even out yet you say it IS your GOTY already.

And now I'm gonna get disagrees even though I'm not dissing the game. I'm just saying play the game first. Uncharted 2 was my GOTY the year it came out but I'm not gonna say Uncharted 3 is this year until I actually play it. It MIGHT be.
Killzoned  +   1498d ago
@ Aquamala

Just having the name "Uncharted & PS3" alone is my GOTY
MsclMexican  +   1497d ago
@aquamala and Jared H

So what.... people haven't played Skyrim and they call it goty, people haven't played battlefield and they call it goty

But instead we get small tastes from games, and from what I know uncharted will be the game I enjoy the most this year, thus making it MY GOTY
JaredH  +   1497d ago

Ya but am I saying any of those will be? Like I said in comments before people try to make it seem like there favorite game(even if it isn't out yet) is getting picked on just like your trying to do with your reply to me. I would make the same comment if someone put Skyrim will automatically be game of the year.

Half the comments are it LOOKS like it's going to be but you are putting it as FACT. I don't get how you can just say you're automatically gonna have a new favorite game this year without even playing it. Even if you watch all the gameplay videos and play the beta it makes no sense.

I would rather not watch every gameplay video or trailer and go into the game knowing nothing except the basics of the game and see if I like it. I don't like seeing the biggest set-pieces of games in a video I'd rather play them not knowing what would happen next.

I guess people just like getting hyped to the point that they say the game will be their GOTY no matter what since they watched most of the biggest moments already. Too bad they won't experience them for the first time while actually playing since they did already.
#1.6.5 (Edited 1497d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
Sub4Dis  +   1497d ago
that surprises you? these people have their minds made up a year in advance. i don't know how a person can be so mindless and such a tool for a company, but they exist in droves here. and it should really indicate to you that if you want to read worthwhile opinions, n4g is NOT the place to go. this is the bottom of the barrel.
MsclMexican  +   1497d ago

So im mindless and a tool for liking a game? Im not allowed to think what game I will enjoy the most? Do you think Im loyal to a company. I like the Uncharted franchise... thats a fact this will be the game I FREAKING ENJOY THE MOST THIS YEAR. This is my choice thats it.... N4G is the bottom of the barrel... its filled with dicks like you
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AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   1497d ago
That goes to show how good UC3 is. You don't need to play it anymore to consider it a GOTY contender =D
Amaterasu5  +   1498d ago
Sony Santa monica
StraightPath  +   1498d ago
Well Uncharted 3 looks stunning , and people talking about Xbox 360 maxed did they play Gears Of War 3?
Jazz4108  +   1497d ago
Reading thesed comments on n4g has got me wondering what some of you do with you your ps3s. I hope you unplug them first. In otherwords people are takeing this plastic toy or sony fanboyism a little to far imo.
kikizoo  +   1497d ago
Do you a favor, don't bring gears (great for 360, everyone agree) in a uncharted 3 (or even 2) article, it's not the same league.
starchild  +   1497d ago
Haha, kikizoo, you say that in almost every Uncharted article. You sound a bit defensive.

Personally, they both look amazing and to say that they aren't in the same league with each other is pure nonsense. I may decide that Uncharted 3 looks better after I play the single player, but to act like Gears 3 is last gen in comparison is silly.
Knushwood Butt  +   1497d ago
Totally agree.

Playing through Uncharted 1 again at the moment. It's a classic. Visuals. Lighting. Music. Sound effects. Atmosphere... It is so well done it really makes you feel as if you are in those jungles.
Jamzluminati  +   1497d ago
funny how.....

ah fuck I don't feel like bashing the 360.
lelo2play  +   1497d ago
Graphics are great as usual, but is it just me or the characters faces on Uncharted 3 are a bit to cartoonish ?
#1.11 (Edited 1497d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Blackdeath_663  +   1497d ago
Naughty dog said them selves that U3 wont be that much of a difference from U2. and to be honest i dont care about the graphical leap from uncharted 2 to uncharted 3 as long as uncharted 3 doesnt look worse than uncharted 2 the graphics are still gonna be amazing
playstationfans  +   1498d ago
the visuals are amazing, there's no doubt this is going to be the best looking PS3 to date, but am more excited about the gameplay, it has the potential to become the best PS3 game in itself, overall.
bozebo  +   1497d ago
That's what I was thinking.

There's so much focus on graphics all the time the devs often ditch gameplay, story, characters, setting, feel etc. due to the pressures of the marketplace, their publishers and development resources.

So few good games this console generation, UC is up there at the top with little competition (there are some other amazing games this gen, but none compared to last gen or the gen before that).
#2.1 (Edited 1497d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
shodaime  +   1498d ago
Nice! I noticed that compared September graphic to lately release trailer, the graphic improved and getting better and better everyday
kramun  +   1498d ago
It's not as much of a night and day difference as it was from UC to UC2 but it's an improvement.
MasterCornholio  +   1498d ago
I am expecting Uncharted 3 to be the best looking console game of 2011.

xPhearR3dx  +   1498d ago
Sorry, RAGE already took that award.
dontbhatin  +   1498d ago
i recall that rage is a huge let down on its graphics and isn't as good as people said. oh yeah that is true.
HeavenlySnipes  +   1498d ago
RAGE came out. We all saw (and can see) its visuals. LOL @ it even being near Crysis 2 let alone Uncharted 3
rezzah  +   1498d ago
After playing a bit of rage...

Not even close.
MysticStrummer  +   1497d ago
"Sorry, RAGE already took that award."

Thanks for that. Now I know I can disregard anything you ever say about the visuals in a game. *makes a note*
AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   1497d ago
Rage is garbage.
elshadi  +   1497d ago
of course an xbox fanboy like you will say that
uncharted 2 still unmatched on consoles let alone 3
and add to that kz2-3 and god of war 3
sorry no game on consoles are even close to one of those games
bozebo  +   1497d ago
I always said RAGE didn't look particularly good from all those screenshots that were floating around. People on here downrated me even though the textures were clearly low res and the models clearly had less polygons than many other games. And there were so few characters or other dynamic objects on screen.

Even maxed out on PC it looks worse than UC and a bunch of other console games, everything except the AA you can force on in your graphics control panel; but thats not the doing of ID, its just the graphics API/Drivers/Card.
#5.1.7 (Edited 1497d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
Zephol  +   1498d ago
uncharted 3 looks so good!
Mcardle  +   1498d ago
Is it just me that thiunks Elena looks a little... off this time around? Or is it just that picture?
Fez  +   1497d ago
And Sully in that pic looks like Nick Park has had a go at him...

They probably both look better in motion though.
qwertyz  +   1498d ago
in the second set of comparison pics the site used a CGI pic of drake for UC3 instead of ingame(like the others used for UC1 and UC2)

naughty dog did say the leap between uc2 and uc3 won't be as big as the leap between uc 1 and uc2(as that type of leap is once possible once a generation) and I believe them

in all the comparison sucks and the leap between uc2 and uc3 isn't much at all but the animations are significantly better everything else is only slightly improved not nearly as big a jump as uc1 to uc2
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Human Analog  +   1498d ago
I just hope the tone down the eye reflections this time. They were kind of creepy.
Perjoss  +   1497d ago
I don't think the problem was the reflections, the problem was more in the specular value the eyes had, which I guess you could argue is a reflection of the lighting, but certainly not reflection of the environment.

this screen kind of shows the problem:

but enough nit picking, the game overall looked amazing.
#9.1 (Edited 1497d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Human Analog  +   1497d ago
Yeah, Yeah... Whatever it's called. It was still creepy.
bozebo  +   1497d ago
Yeah it was just a lack of tweaking on the part of some of their graphics programmers or texture artists, or management moved them onto something else before they could polish their work (regularly happens in large game development studios).

Oblivion had that problem on some PCs and fallout NV had the probelm on 360. Would have thought bethesda would have addressed the problem :/ but they are similar to Dice in that if a bug/issue doesn't destroy the game then there is no point fixing it. (still can't always aim down sight in BC2, and that bug was even in the BF3 beta lol)
Jeebus  +   1498d ago
Those comparisons are awful
bozebo  +   1497d ago
99% of comparison articles are that bad.

Lol @ lens of truth's heavilly JPEG compressed and downscaled screenshots. Then they pretend to understand graphics termanology lol.
dirtrider  +   1498d ago
can't wait for uncharted 3. i put off buying gears 3 for now, i just picked up resistance 3 wed, and completed it thursday, great game as well.

next pay day for me is the day after uncharted 3 releases so i am keeping my pennies now so then i can get it, and maybe just maybe gears 3 at the same time or right after.

it's funny, my live friends want me to get gears 3, but after i told them since money is so tight that uncharted 3 is "my priority" money wise it will have to come first, now they have chilled with hounding me about gears 3.

just hope if all goes as planned i can bring both home nov 2nd. thing is there just want be enough time in the day for me to play both, so i will have to work that out lol.

in my opinion this is the best new ip this gen followed by a few more games, just a great franchise all around. naughty dog's hard work has really shown in the ps3's life span.
edwoods  +   1498d ago
i just found out from someone who has already got this game early that the older evil woman turns out to be DRAKES MOM interesting plot
Mr-Dude  +   1497d ago
I reported you for abvious reasons...
Your comment may be false or just lame, but the mear reason that u type is spoiling to me and possible others
Perjoss  +   1497d ago
I hope you're joking, I had Heavy Rain totally spoiled for me by some idiot who did something similar to this.
younglj01  +   1497d ago
dude if this comment is true I'm going too be super pissed.And this is coming from tha future "you fucking asshole thanks for ruining a plot twist"
SSKILLZ  +   1498d ago
Speechless, naughty dog are just the best.
Bathyj  +   1498d ago
Thats all well and good, but all it shows to me is how good Uncharted 1 looked from the start.
InTheLab  +   1497d ago

I remember jumping into waist high water, then hitting dry land and noticing he's wet from the waist down...and it takes a while for him to dry off. Very few games are that detailed.
50Terabytespersec  +   1498d ago
Highly agreed fantastic, but wheres God OF War 4 !!!!!!!!!!! To take the crown !!
pomoluese  +   1498d ago
These images are useless. I still prefer UC2 Elena.
Xalaris  +   1498d ago
Indecent comparison...
#17 (Edited 1498d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
kaveti6616  +   1498d ago
Nathan's hair is much more detailed in Uncharted 3.

I know many might think that hair isn't a big deal, but realistic hair is important in Third person point of view games because it's constantly there.
nutcrackr  +   1498d ago
Jungle > Snow > Sand

UC3 Elena looks weird too.
Plagasx  +   1498d ago
I prefer Chloe when she was a bit...shinier...
Hazmat13  +   1497d ago
idk about that she still looks graet and hot so no big deal. soo.... how bout that rule 34?
Inzo  +   1497d ago
The first pic of Drake is actually from U2, its a picture of him & Sully you can find in his book.
#21 (Edited 1497d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ilovemyps3  +   1497d ago
Sony, and Naughty Dogs,
i just wanna say i'm upgrading my "old" AV amplifier from a yamaha to a onkyo tx-nr1009, and i'm also adding 2 surround back speakers to my jbl northridge 5.1 system, so i can have a crazy 7.1 setup and be able to enjoy pcm or dolby true hd or dts master audio, instead of the "old "dolby digital" or "dts".
i should be getting all the stuff next week, and i'm really happy.

i'm doing this SPECIALLY to uncharted 3. yeah guys. this game is gonna be that HUGE, no doubt about it.

the first 2 uncharteds already looked great on my kdl 46z5500, i may not be able to get 3D, but this Z5500 at 200Hz is a pure MARVEL.add a 7.1 surround sound, and i'm in heaven :)

i'm so fucking excited, i may look like a 10 yo kid, waiting for THAT Christmas gift, but... who cares :)

really, thanks Sony, THANKS Naughty DOG. people may disagree and call me a fanboy, but... who cares... :)

this is the kind of game that make me dream.can't wait to play it.

hope we'll get an uncharted 4, in 2013, and later, in 2014, we'll have an uncharted 5 on PS4... PLEASE, just make it happen :)
Agent_hitman  +   1497d ago
I see some 360 fanboys in here lol.. Thanks for viewing ps3 article anyway.. :)
Virus201  +   1497d ago
There is nothing wrong with 360 gamers viewing an Uncharted 3 article. It just goes to show that 360 gamers don't have a grudge against ps3 or its games. The ps3 and Xbox 360 are both great systems and I don't understand why people (not you) decide to pin them against each other just to start stupid debates that will never see a conclusion.

You're welcome :D
Clarence  +   1497d ago
Amazing. Some developers claim this type of graphics can't be produced on the PS3. Here's looking at u Carmack
PickAShoe  +   1497d ago
one last place for drake to go is space!
IRISH_POTOTO3S  +   1497d ago
oh god no
kennyboy  +   1497d ago
the leap is huge, the pc fans are here to try and say its not
Shackdaddy836  +   1497d ago
It looks awesome but I thought that bottom right picture of him in the desert was CG from a trailer. Correct me if I'm wrong though. I know there is gameplay in the desert but I think I remember that picture from E3 or something...
#27 (Edited 1497d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Shadowaste  +   1497d ago
between 2 and 3 some charachter models look better in 2 to be honest at least from theses screens, sully's hair looks like playdough in part 3.

but uncharted 2looked amazing on consoles, 3 should be just a wee bit better, don't go in expecting a giant leap and you'll be happy.
smashcrashbash  +   1497d ago
I love how in every article saying the UC3 looks good how many people clammer to say 'no it doesn't' and then start the Crysis 2/PC/ Gears of War 3 argument It's to be expected though. To this day there are still gamers who refuse to acknowledge UC2 as a great game. I think it's funny to see you guys chomping at the bit and grinding your teeth every time UC3 gets a compliment or a great score.It's always 'Sony fanboys are the worst' but you can't stand to see us happy and anticipating our games so much that you feel the need to bring Gears 3 or the PC up everytime the words Uncharted 3 is mentioned. Ah well you can always excpect killjoys and buzzkills at your party.
#29 (Edited 1497d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
BuT_TeR  +   1497d ago
Imagine what ND could accomplish if they weren't lazy developers.
smashcrashbash  +   1497d ago
Not sure how ND is anymore or less of a 'lazy' developer then any of the others.
Hicken  +   1497d ago
Imagine the posts you could make if you weren't a troll.
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