Are Gamers Killing The Game Industry?

Spending time at local game centers, stores, and conventions over the last few months have opened my eyes to an issue that the game industry is currently facing.

Amazing, critically acclaimed games end up selling poorly because they’re not sequels to blockbuster games or have the brand power of Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, or Madden.

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psb2338d ago

Gamers are the reason this industry is alive, not because it's dying.

rabidpancakeburglar2338d ago

That's not really the point though, it's that games like first person shooters and games that are just generally controversial are all that are being purchased by the majority of gamers.

This means that high scoring or good games such as Just Cause 2 and Okami(as are mentioned in the article) are underselling because people are unwilling to try something different to what they are used to.

This leads to some developers being closed down, having their budgets constrained for future titles or not being able to take risks to create good games.

While gamers obviously support the gaming industry they are also killing any sort of diversity by buying the same things over and over.

jtmgames2337d ago

Thank you for helping me reaffirm my point rabidpancakeburglar.

Companies like Clover Studio (Okami), Pandemic Studios (The Saboteur), Kaos Studios (Homefront) all had something really cool to bring to the table. New IP's which undersold because the gaming community is indeed unwilling to try something different.

Although I do have to say, some new IP's like Dead Island sell pretty well so there is hope.

Alos882337d ago

You lost me at Homefront, I can't think of a single new thing that game did that no other FPS had tried before.

NukaCola2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

I wish gamers would open their minds a little more this generation. COD is all the craze but so many other titles fall by the wastesides because gamers won't venture out into new territory. Wasn't like this last gen.

HeavenlySnipes2337d ago

I think its because games cost $60 plus tax and no one wants to waste time and money buying a game they know nothing about. Add to the fact that because games were easier to make in previous gens (and cost like $50 new) devs could push GREAT games without having to worry about graphics and all that. I remember just randomly picking up games like The Getaway, Soul Reaver (I think that's what its called) and Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. THEY WERE ALL GREAT GAMES. Now the gap between high quality games is becoming bigger,, as only the big budget devs that can give you great graphics sound etc.. are the ones making the great games. I'd rather spend money on a game I know will be great than on Brink or RAGE (in RAGEs case, I put my money towards Arkham City, nothing against iD)

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lorianguy2337d ago

Ironically they're also the ones with the money and what they say, goes.

newleaf2337d ago

Yeah sure, lets also forget that CoD, GTA and Halo also happen to be critically acclaimed as well. I know sales =/= quality but lets not pretend that sales = bad quality.

CloseSecond2337d ago

If anything its having to support multiple platforms that will kill big budget gaming. Each generation of hardware brings higher development costs and having to support multiple architectures means something has to give.

JellyJelly2337d ago (Edited 2337d ago )

If anything the poor state of gaming journalism is killing it.

lorianguy2337d ago

I'll give you a bubble for that :)

AtomicGerbil2337d ago

Indeed, most of them rely on website hits for advertising revenue. So it's all going to be attention grabbing headlines and articles, and the best way to do that is to make them controversial. Hardly very helpful to somebody who clearly needs some proper advice.

On top of that you have publishers swamping everything with money to get their latest titles noticed, whether good or bad, and I'm sure a good number of so called journalists are in the pockets of these publishers.

It's such a shame because many decent titles are selling very little because they are not getting the media attention they deserve, mostly due to lack of a marketing budget. Then the gaming world loses out when the development studios are closed down.

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