What Will Battlefield 3′s First Week Sales Be?

Battlefield 3 is obviously one of the biggest games this year. While it won’t beat Modern Warfare 3 in the sales department, it will still be a juggernaut. Since we have access to pre-order charts and the sales of previous games, we can make accurate assumptions of just what the first week sales will be.

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fluffydelusions1683d ago

Not sure, but I will account for 1 of those sales :)

Biggest1683d ago

I think the answer is: Enough

I know for sure that there will be at least 2 sold if I add fluffydelusions.

Oldsnake0071683d ago

it will probably sell more than it deserves.

emkize1683d ago

your mom probably sells more than she deserves, but hoes gotta make money too.

Rush1683d ago

More then one but fewer then a billion, fear not my sales predictions are always right.

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omni_atlas1683d ago

Wow, the old snake got slammed.

Relientk771683d ago

I think they will be pretty high, I don't think they'll be as high as the first weeks sale for Modern Warfare 3 though.

TrendyGamers1683d ago

Not even close but still one of the top selling games this year.

JellyJelly1683d ago

Will be too busy playing it to care.

Pandamobile1683d ago

Well there's something like 2 million pre-orders for it, so I think it's safe to say that it'll sell between 2-2.5 million world wide.

Fil1011683d ago

Not sure why you got a disagree, I personally think that's a pretty good guesstimate for worldwide sales.

news4geeks1683d ago

I'd say more. There are still a lot of people who don't pre-order.

gravemaker1683d ago

30000 millions at least in the first hour

younglj011683d ago

3000 millions?

so you is saying Battlefield 3 will selling 30 billion copies?If so then HOLY sh1t.....

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The story is too old to be commented.