Sony 3D Personal Viewer

Nic from shares his thoughts on the new Sony 3D Personal Viewer after testing a working model at the PlayStation Canada Holiday Event. "Last week I had the opportunity to attend the 2011 PlayStation Canada Holiday Event. One of the many products being showcased at the event was the Sony Personal 3D Viewer, a new product that is just coming to the market from Sony, and I had the opportunity to test out a fully functioning model at the PlayStation event."

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xtheownerzx2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

That 3D viewer looks great!

@nyanyan yo indeed!

zeeshan2465d ago

Just need to know the release date and price on this. I am already almost sold on the concept. I hope I can afford it though. Wonder if it's going to be compatible with PS4? I also love the fact that it is not restricted to PS3. I also happen to own a 360 and would love to use this thing on as many devices as possible including my laptop :D I can't even imagine how great it would feel designing websites and graphics on such a huge screen. EPIC MAN! EPIC

mac_sparrow2464d ago

Zeeshan, your territories Sony store should have pricing. Uk pre-order price is £799, I must admit, I'm tempted.

zeeshan2464d ago

Ok then consider me unsold! (Is that even a word? Not sure lol). The price is simply too much at this point. I guess I'll just go back and keep playing on my 46" non-3d 1080p Bravia

mac_sparrow2463d ago

I know what you mean, £500 and I'd seriously consider it; £400 and I think I'd have ordered it already. Unsurprisingly the mark up in the U.K is about £200 more than US/Japan.

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gamingdroid2465d ago

I have always been interested in these, since they where introduced like what feels like 10-years ago. Every time I try them out though, not only is it uncomfortable, but the quality hasn't been all that great and gives me some eyestrain.

They used to rent some of these out at the airport (obviously a different brand).

I wonder if these are better? Nobody seems to talk about the actual picture quality.

nicfurlong2465d ago

actual picture quality is the same as a big screen tv. I didnt notice a difference.

They were also very comfortable and lightweight

Picture quality is 720p on 2 HD OLED displays

Baka-akaB2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Plenty mentioned the quality already .The viewing experience itself is quite remarkable.

Folks tried a number of HUD-style devices, from inexpensive Vuzix goggles to more elaborate virtual reality headwear, and never really felt they were watching anything other than a small screen just centimeters from our eyes.

Here it is quite different -- and much more effective. The most immediate impression is one of clarity with twin OLED sharp display and sharp high levels of contrast.

Biggest advantage imo is the absence of any kind of crosstalk or irritating ghosting often plaguing the run of the mill 3dtv set (saves a few )

BLACKBIBLE2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

3D personal Viewer looks awesome!

colonel1792465d ago

I want one! I am waiting for reviews and a place to try it out myself. If I like it, I will definitely buy it right away.

Detoxx2465d ago

this will cost alot, i guess :D but i wont buy one anyway, even if its cheap.. i got my own 42 inch full hd led tv, a great gaming tv and because its led low bills bro! so, im fine

wwm0nkey2465d ago

Only $800

From all the the hands on impressions I hear this device is amazing and it really does make it fell like there is a 450" screen in front of you. Picking one up when they hit and can't wait to hook my TV/PC/PS3/360 all up to this thing.

J-R2465d ago

Tried one out a week ago. Had to drive 2 hours to a Sony Store that had a demo. It worked well but I got there shortly after someone dropped it on the floor at broke one of the head straps.
I didn't get to play with it much but it was enough to make me pre-order my online. I'm a habitual early adopter though.

nicfurlong2465d ago

its definitely awesome. Yes, expensive. (600 bucks i think) but its essentially another tv when you think about it.

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