Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Unboxing, Menus, Gameplay

Saiyan Island unboxes the game and shows off some of the preliminary menus, and early gameplay. They also reveal downloadable content is confirmed.

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tayz2465d ago

the back of the box is terrible! is that just vegeta?

DrRichtofen2465d ago

They mention downloadable content......YES!!!! there's still a chance that we could get more characters.

tayz2465d ago

SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta...they better have them!

GunofthePatriots2465d ago

im gonna pass. it looks good but the gameplay looks dumb. you stop every 10 seconds to get some crappy interactive cut scene.

HappyWithOneBubble2464d ago

I don't care for those cut scenes either.

Canary2464d ago

Don't forget the pathetically small roster of characters, half-assed story mode, and unimaginally shallow character creation--not to mention a visual aesthetic that doesn't look anything like the manga.

Oh--and the poor quality animations.

There are so very, very many reasons not to buy the game. Why pick just one?

Deadpool6162464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

You said it Canary. That's a exactly how I feel about this game. I have a feeling that they going to milk people with DLC as well.

This generation of Dragonball Z games haven't gone beyond what was established during the Ps2 generation. They have the tech to make these games go beyond that, but they haven't. I'm really disappointed in DBZ games this gen. -_-

Deadpool6162464d ago

I find it odd that this game only has 62 characters with transformations and DBZ Raging Blast had 70+.

Looks like were going to be milked by DLC that should already be in the game. Which is one of the MANY reasons I'm not getting this game. -_-