Use Kinect as a Webcam on Skype

Ever wanted to use your $150 piece of 3D motion tracking hardware as a simple little webcam on your computer? You now can!

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SixZeroFour2401d ago

im going to assume that this is for using kinect for skype on pc (yes i know skype isnt on xbox...yet)

considering that MS finalize acquiring skype a month or 2 ago, i would also assume that skype will be integrated into xbox 360 live and why not just wait till that happens? im sure kinect would be fully functional for it as both webcam and mic

bahabeast86192401d ago

all these stuff makes me want a xbox360 i hope it aint live gold only

GribbleGrunger2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

the PSeye webcam wasn't a deciding factor for the PS3 and i doubt this will be either... although i have to say i actually used it for the first time the other day. and having skype on the PSP didn't help either. all i'm saying is that more features sometimes just leads to more confusion. take the PS3 for instance. it had so many multimedia capabilities that Sony had a hard time defining it

gamingdroid2401d ago

It's a nice addition.

Besides, who get's confused about an optional Skype feature?

If anything consumers would get confused by different SKUs.

2401d ago