IGN: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Q&A and new screens

IGN writes:

"Now -- fully entrenched in the era of HD -- we're nearing the release of Midnight Club: Los Angeles and all the fancy bells and whistles the title will bring to the series. How has the past helped the series get to this point and what can you expect from your latest go 'round in the Club? Well, IGN recently had the chance to speak with Jay Panek, a producer at Rockstar San Diego, and he wasn't afraid to take us under the hood of the game."

They talk about these and more in the interview:
- The motivations for innovations (motorcycles vs. cars, open world trackless racing) in Midnight Club.
- How much of an effect does weather have on game play?
- Reputation Points.
- Why the game is based in Los Angeles? Why not Rockstar create a fictional city?
- Is there any way to skip time to take on harder races in the middle of the night when there will be less traffic?
- Online play.

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hanson5203989d ago

because Midnight Club is fun and i love L.A!