Shooters You Should Play Instead of Battlefield 3: Counter-Strike Source

Player Affinity writes: "The true ancestor to Battlefield 3, Battlefield: Bad Company, came out in June 2008. So it has been just over three years for this current iteration of Battlefield. The original Counter-Strike came out in June 1999. Not counting the beta phases, it has been around for 12 years. That is right, if Counter-Strike were a child, he would be almost done elementary school. Battlefield has not even entered Kindergarten yet."

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MrGunny942435d ago

I hate CS.... I find it stupid not able to aim down sights... BF2 all the way!

evrfighter2434d ago

i cant play source no more after that weekend of caspian border

its a shame

dommafia2434d ago

came here to just laugh at the article -_-

Farsendor12434d ago

actually don't find counter strike as good now as it was when it first launched imo modern games are much better

Pintheshadows2434d ago

The best iteration was 1.6. People still play it. It has staying power.

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