Rebooted series attempt to revive game franchises

There comes a time in a series when a developer has exhausted the concept behind the games.

When this time hits, franchises typically get the axe or the boot — the reboot that is.

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zeal0us2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

I'm sorry I can't even called the version of DMC, Ninja theory is making an reboot. If capcom wanted the series to reboot they should of did it themselves or made regulations for others regarding how to reboot it.

Reboot an series and completely change the story and the character design...... maybe its best if you don't call it an reboot at all and just say its a side-story/new story within the series

zerocrossing2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

It'd be OK, if they said DMC was set in a parallel universe that basically takes every element that made the original franchise awesome, throws it out the window and changes everything so that it sucks monkey nuggets!

Pozzle2464d ago

I agree. I wouldn't mind if DmC is set in an alternate universe or something like that. But Tameem, the guy behind the game, has flat-out said that he thought the old DMC games were stupid and that the original Dante design looked too ridiculous for anyone to take seriously, which is why he thought the changes were neccessary. So as far as I'm concerned, he can stick DmC up his arse if that's what he thinks. Way to spit on the fans AND the original developers.

ATi_Elite2464d ago

I'm not feeling the "Dude from Twilight" look that Dante has now!

*No i have never seen the movies just the commercial*

xer02464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

I honestly hope this game will be a success but going by mass reactions across the web; Capcom will get a massive wake up call, when this game launches.

Personally, I can't get excited about the game because the gameplay is hardly different to previous DMC games. And I still can't get over the character change.

Quagmire2464d ago

Cant wait to see how Ninja Theory handled the DMC license.

JoeSchmoh2464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

This game is a product from the @$$-end of the whole Western game development movement with such flops as Bionic Commando and Dark Void by Capcom (never cared to play neither game). Why do you think Capcom is bringing out the Devil May Cry HD collection? If this game were to be so accepted, then they wouldn't need to release an HD of the old Devil May Cry games to compensate for those people who aren't going to buy the new DmC reboot.
P.S.- The creator of the DmC reboot saying all that "old Devil May Cry games are WEAK SAUCE." he has hype up his reboot, that's all.. The whole EMO look has been dead. The whole Marylin Manson/ Smashing Pumpkins vibe died in the 90s... "Sorry there, PAH!" "10 years off track there, PAH!"... "Can you say FK up the franchise there, PAH!" "Can you say, Devil May Cry should've ended on the PS2 with part 3, PAH!"


DarkZane2464d ago

They didn't exhaust the concept of DmC, in fact, the last game clearly hinted that there could be a continuation.

Ninja theory don't do reboots, they just destroy everything they touch. Heavenly Sword would have been good if it wasn't that short, Enslaved was bad and short.

Now, DmC will not only be less than 10 hours long, but probably terrible.

BuffMordecai2464d ago

DMC didn't need reviving, it needs the original developers handling the game. Unlike the retards that are developing the new one. "The old dante wasn't cool enough, so I made him look like me" herp derp.

Pozzle2463d ago

I can't help but wonder if Tameem has ever actually played a Devil May Cry game. Or did he just look at a picture of Dante and go: "Pfft. This guy looks stupid. I can do better."

Seriously. How the hell can he watch these scenes...

...and not realize that Dante isn't SUPPOSED to be a gritty and realistic hero. He was created to be silly and over the top. And that's why we love him!